“I Will Expose Your Infected Dick”- Nigerian Lady ‘Jessica Okoro’ Calls Out Doctor Who Ask For Nudes From Ladies All In The Name Of Helping Them

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 4:14pm by admin

There is this gist that has been unfolding for days now. There is a certain Lady, Jessica Okoro who is bent on bringing down one Fortunate Egbuchere due to his act of asking for nudes from ladies before he helps them and also deceive innocent people.

Fortunate who is said to be a doctor, is also the brain behind Tolotolo family foundation.

Let’s take the story bit by bit.

Jessica threaten to expose the picture of his dick that one of his victim screen shots if he keeps on threatening ladies that is exposing him. Read below:

Fortunate chieme Egbuchere so you go about taking advantage of people’s situation, you make a post in your tolotolo that you want to help 50 person’s? they come asking you for help not knowing they are toiling with the devil, you tell them to do video sex with you in return before you help them through any distress they are in? either they show you their breast or private part, that nothing goes for nothing, because this poor girls really need help,they fall into your den.

And all you do because you are WICKED and DEVILISH is you screen grab and save.

Now most of them are speaking up, you secretly open another account,to monitor my post,which is good so it can sink into your empty brain and that of your heartless family, then you look out for those girls that are already in your den,you go straight to message them, never to talk anymore or even comment on any post that speaks ill about you or your family, that infact they should stay off social media, otherwise you will put their nude pix on social media?? YOU THREATEN them to keep shut.

But guess what, I have good news for you, same way you thought you were wise by screen grabbing their nudeness, same way another girl was wise to screen grab your infected DICK. (Hope that sounds good to you) you are in for a shocker.

One more threat from you to any of those girls involved anymore then I’ll have to dare you to put the pix up, while I put yours up and I’ll make sure I make it go extra viral.


The story getting hotter, she did not only attack Fortunate, she included his family especially his brother and his P.A who happen to be his sex partner. Read more below:

Someone should go and tell that God forsaken BRAT fortunate Egbuchere that I didn’t ask him to go look for a means of stealing his baby mama’s pix to deceive gullible minds, and why did he pick “picture” to proof (continue lying) other than proofing to the world that he’s not a doctor by bringing his license number as he lied he is,and a gynaecologist for that matter,look at this EWU GAMBIA. Provide your “Licence practicing number”.

And don’t forget to go back to the house she has sold and beg the current occupants that you want to take pictures of your former house ok. IDIOT

Fortunate Egbuchere you were sleeping with Stephanie Akakem until your brother prince king Hollywood went behind you to start having sex with her,which brought about the big fight between you,your brother and the SLUT,because she was your first tolotolo P.A,(SEX PA in disguise but didn’t last)and you told uncountable people what your brother did, and that you will never forgive her,little did you know a day like this will come that people will expose you. This is just the beginning. (I have more for you,just wait)

Prince king Hollywood you were squatting in a nigerian lady’s house in Houston Texas because you couldn’t afford your own,on finding out that you were a SCAM and trying to defraud her, she threw you out of HER house for good (confirm source)(proof yourself)you are now moving from house to house.

Stephanie Akakem if that is the definition of how to make a husband/wife happy? Then you are worse than a MAD man on the street, even though you are senseless because all you know how to do is SNATCH,ADVICE GIRLS TO BREAK HOME and DEFRAUD gullible minds,then you either need to go back to nursery school or you go to your village stream and wash your brains back to normal.

No amount of threat can stop me from exposing the EGBUCHERE’S family as they have caused pains to a lot of people.

MORE TO UNVEIL. wait for it.

Onye ulo ya n”agba okuu,ona achu oke ?

Jessica seems not to be tired of exposing him, she further thee shades at him for being jobless and lying to be a gynaecologist and for also feeding from his fraud business. Full story below:

Fortunate Egbuchere stop living a fake life they are all Vanity upon vanity. You have destroyed your own family, your Mexican Oyibo threw you out of her house and sold the house and left with the kids? You are indebted to her bcos you will pay child support for the rest of your life.

Why lie to the world that you are a doctor when you are not, show the world your license number?

Why do you have plenty enemies as you said??

Why do you have to go and buy car on credit to pay up in 10-15 years time.

Right now you are staying in a one room apartment in Houston Texas.#confirm.

Why not advise your brother prince king Hollywood to go get a job in the US bcos he has been jobless all this while and feeding from Tolotolo that’s why he converted it to family business and keep brain washing people.

Why do you have to lie at the end of that show you and your brother performed at owerri, that you are a GYNAECOLOGIST (people go and listen to it). Do you think people are fools? Or they are deaf????

Why all this lies?????? I ask you why??????

Why this fake life, WHY??????

Can somebody pls go and tell him to make SIMPLE SENTENCE and speak CORRECT ENGLISH????

Jessica seems not to back out after being threatened and her Facebook account which is her tool for justice is being hacked. Here’s her post below:

Ok so the Egbuchere’s family are trying so hard to hack my Facebook account, I have been sent message twice asking if I requested for a new password?

They have been sending threat messages and calls (don’t know how they got my number),my inbox is full, someone should go and tell them I said they are all jokers, NO amount of threat can stop me, NO amount of threat can shut me up.



More truth unveils soon.

Remember what you wish others you get in a100 folds.

Fortunate definitely won’t want his name tarnished, he has come out to say people shouldn’t pay attentions to Jessica rants. Read his full post below:

For those believing shit said by Jessica Okoro who is same Jane Iyke can believe every shit she says cus I care less with her lies. I thought she was begging for money so why bittered about me? Why can’t her lazy ass make a video rather than impersonating. I still stand by make you no marry bad wive. I am still balling and the same person.

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