‘I prefer food!’: Stacey Solomon gets candid about her SEX life with Joe Swash live on Loose Women

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Chat turned to sex on LW

Stacey Solomon is refreshingly open about her personal life, and that’s why we love her.

Whether it’s body image, mental health or even sweaty armpits… she will literally talk about anything.

Stacey Solomon

But during Loose Women on Friday, the presenter took candid to a whole new level when she opened up about her sex life with boyfriend Joe Swash.


The conversation came about after all the LW ladies took a poll to determine how high their sex drives are. Interesting…

And when Stacey’s results came back – it showed hers is ‘up and down’ but mostly on the right track, leading the mum-of-two to make some pretty honest confessions.

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Andrea McLean explained: ‘Stacey, you’re a mixed bag, which means at times your sex life stalls but on the whole you’re sticking to a regular speed limit.’

To which Stacey – who’s been dating former EastEnders star Joe for two years – replied: ‘Yeah I’m a safe driver.’

Before continuing: ‘Sometimes I’d just rather eat more…

‘I look at those things and they intimidate me. I think am I doing it wrong? Should I be having it more?’

The 28-year-old then added: ‘I love it [sex], but I do love food more.

‘The problem is that girls my age and things you read for people in my stage of life is that everyone’s out there doing it every day and… mine’s not like that. I’d do it everyday if I could.’

When you and your boyfriend turn up for a date wearing the same outfit. ? who wore it better? Why does he insist on dressing like me? Paaahahahaha ??

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Stacey’s confession comes after she recently revealed she’s ready to get married and have kids with I’m A Celeb star Joe.

‘I joke about wanting to get married all the time’, she told The Mirror.

‘Even if I wasn’t with Joe I still want to have a wedding and wear a dress one day.

‘I don’t think I’d engage in a relationship if I didn’t think it was forever, otherwise what’s the point? So I really hope Joe’s the one.’

Aw, we hope so too, Stace!

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