'I keep getting different answers!' Labour deputy leader ROASTED for Labour's Brexit shame

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 1:38pm by admin

The Labour deputy leader insisted that the party were seeking to get the best possible deal for businesses with tariff-free access to the single market. Mr Watson also refused to rule out a second Brexit referendum. 

When pressed by the BBC host over the Labour Party’s Brexit policy, John Pienaar insisted that he gets “different answers” from different senior members within the party. 

Speaking on Pienaar’s Politics, the presenter said: “Well when you speak to Keir Starmer about this, you get slightly different answers from different senior figures by the way, but when you talk to Keir Starmer about this, and when he says to keep the single market on the table, he says a ‘price worth paying’ in the shape of not looking for trade deals outside might be worth paying, in terms of contributions to the European budget continuing, or even some sort of role for the European Court of Justice.

“All of those things to him are worth contemplating or even having for the sake of unimpeded trade access for goods and services in the European Union. 

“You’re saying you could do better than that?”

Mr Watson spelt out Labour’s Brexit policy and claimed they have a set of principles in place for if they were in power.  

He said: “We are saying that you have to have a negotiating plan and being consistent about it. 

“Remember, I always have to remind people, it is not us in the negotiations. We are following these negotiations at the same time as your listeners are. 

“But we have got a set of principles behind that were we to be in Government.”

During his appearance on the show, Mr Watson also refused to rule out a second Brexit referendum. 

He said: “We’ve not said we want a second referendum. What we actually want is a negotiated settlement.

“When you’re in complex negotiations on behalf of the nation, you shouldn’t rule anything out.

“I don’t think it is likely at all. I think it would be more likely that we try and re-negotiate the deal should Parliament reject it.”

Other senior Labour Party figures, however, delivered differing messages on the prospect of another Brexit vote. 

Shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner said Labour “has not said that we will have a second referendum”, and shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon said the party “isn’t arguing for” one.

The shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said that “the Labour Party doesn’t support a second referendum and we’ve never supported it and don’t now”.

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