Hurricane Florence: Photos & Video Of The Devastating Destruction As Storm Hits The Carolinas

Posted on Sep 15 2018 - 3:10am by admin

Hurricane Florence has ravaged the Carolinas as it struck down stateside this week. See the shocking pictures and videos of the destruction and find out what you can do to help the victims.

Hurricane Florence hit the Carolina coast on Sept. 13, and in its wake, has left immeasurable wreckage. Originally thought to be a Category 4 hurricane, Florence was downgraded to a Category 2 before it hit the States, but that doesn’t mean it was any less dangerous, unfortunately. The pictures of the devastation paint a grim story and show only a portion of the homes that were destroyed, along with damage to city infrastructure, like roads and bridges, as well as the Carolinas’ beloved beaches. Florence officially made landfall in Wilmington, North Carolina on the morning of Sept. 14. The road to recovery is sure to be a long one.

Shorty before the hurricane arrived, it was reported that the size of its force-winds doubled, meaning many more people were affected by the strong 90 mph winds. Residents of the Southeast area of the U.S. endured the relentless hurricane, with dangerous conditions expected to last through Sept. 15. Experts predicted that the most dangerous aspects of the hurricane would be the storm surge, coastal flooding, and record-breaking rainfall–a whopping 10 trillion gallons— yes, trillions, CNN reported!

Ahead of the hurricane, millions of people evacuated from the area and over 800 flights were cancelled. “You put your life at risk by staying,” North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, said to CNN. “Don’t plan to leave once the winds and rains start,” he also said. South Carolina residents were also urged to leave by their Governor, who made it clear that if they stayed and needed help there would be no one there to help them. “Even the rescuers cannot stay there,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster told CNN.

If you want to help, donations are being accepted by the Red Cross and several other charitable organizations. Our thoughts are with all those who were effected by the hurricane and its aftermath.

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