How Corbyn would PUNISH hard-working Britons REVEALED: Shocking Labour tax plans exposed

Posted on Jul 31 2019 - 6:50pm by admin

The Labour Party has been hoping to take advantage of the turmoil engulfing the Conservative Party over recent weeks. This followed Theresa May’s announcement last month she was resigning as Prime Minister after admitting defeat with her failed Brexit deal, and the subsequent six-week leadership race to replace her that saw Brexit talks and progress stall.

Jeremy Corbyn has repeated calls for a general election to let the British public decide who should lead the country, and angrily reiterated them when he came face-to-face with new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the House of Commons last Thursday.

But the latest poll from YouGov showed the ‘Boris bounce’ has had an immediate impact, potentially dealing a huge blow to Mr Corbyn’s hopes of winning an election over the coming weeks.

The survey of 1,697 UK adults from July 25-26 revealed the Tories have opened up a 10-point lead over Labour in terms of who people would vote for if a general election was held tomorrow.

Nearly a third (31 percent) said they would vote for the Conservatives – a significant lead over Labour on 21 percent.

But with Mr Corbyn’s calls for a general election intensifying and Mr Johnson under pressure to deliver Brexit by October, some of Labour’s potential policies if they come into power have been blasted by critics.

In 2017, Mrs May said removing the annual winter fuel allowance payment from all but the poorest pensioners would release funds that could be pumped into the social care system.

But Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell published analysis from the party which he said shows almost 4,000 more pensioners’ lives would be at risk through not being able to heat their homes.

In their 2017 election manifesto, Labour pledged the winter fuel allowance will be granted as universal benefits.

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He claimed they would force higher taxes on Brits and lumbering the next generation with more debt.

He told “Labour’s high-spending policies are totally unaffordable. The only way to fund them will be with higher taxes on hardworking Brits or piling more debt on future generations.

“As Margret Thatcher said, ‘the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money’.

“When entrepreneurs leave the country because of high taxes to pay for Labour promises it inevitably mean fewer jobs and could lead to a collapse in revenue to fund services.

“There is nothing morally righteous about slapping Brits with higher taxes and the next generation with more debt.”

Mr Lesh added: “Brexit or no-Brexit, gigantic, uncosted, unfunded government spending plans are never a good idea.

“Labour needs to pull their heads out of the sand and realise that the economy is facing substantial uncertainty, and will only be worse off if it’s weighed down with loads of additional taxes.

“These pick-and-choose spending policies are, by their very nature, paternalistic and presumptive about what people want.”

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