Holly Willoughby throws This Morning into chaos with HUGE blunder – and Phillip Schofield’s reaction is hilarious

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Poor Holly made a series of errors on Thursday’s show…

Holly Willoughby on This Morning, London 11 January 2018

Holly Willoughby had a day to forget during Thursday’s edition of This Morning when she kicked off the show with a WHOPPING blunder.

The presenter and co-host Phillip Schofield were reading out the timings of each segment on the programme when Holly, 36, accidentally said a feature on health gadgets was starting at 5.10pm instead of 11.05am. Whoops!


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Phil admittedly spotted the error and jokingly yelled: ‘WHAT?! How long is the show today? I’ve got stuff to do, I can’t be here all day!’

Holly, 36, covered her face with her hand as she burst into fits of giggles and Phil, 55, soon followed suit and became hysterical with laughter.

‘What are you doing today? This is not rehearsal!’ Phil, 55, quipped.

To make up for the error Holly then tried to correct herself – but ended up getting the wrong time AGAIN by saying: ‘I’m so sorry – five past 10.’

’11!’ Phil shouted out before more laughing from the pair.

It wasn’t the first slip-up Holly had made during the programme as she’d earlier accidentally referred to guest Steve Wilson as ‘Still Weasel’ – awkward!

And she continued to make errors throughout the show as she made ANOTHER mistake when discussing a viewer competition later on.

The mum-of-three seemed to misread the autocue as she revealed that the programme would be giving away £7 a month – when it was supposed to be £7,000 a month!

Phillip later asked guest Paddy McGuinness to read it out, but he too ended up making the same mistake as Holly.

‘I’m sacking myself on air!’ Paddy joked whilst Holly continued to giggle on the sofa.

Meanwhile it seemed to have all become too much for Phil, who jokingly stormed off the set after yelling: ‘Can nobody do this job?!’

Viewers at home were left in hysterics at Holly’s bloopers and Phil’s LOLS reactions to them.

‘Holly is going crackers #ThisMorning,’ one watcher tweeted, whilst another wrote: ‘Hahahahah! Holly’s lost the f***ing plot today! #ThisMorning’

‘Phil and Holly make me crease hahaha. Their laugh is contagious I swear #ThisMorning,’ a fellow viewer posted.

And one added: ‘Watching Holly and Phil crack up on @thismorning is hilarious’

Let’s hope Holly is feeling a little more on the ball when she’s next back on our screens to host Dancing On Ice with Phillip on Sunday night!

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