Holly Willoughby loses her cool with guest in controversial This Morning debate over #MeToo movement

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The presenter couldn’t hide her feelings…

Holly Willoughby in This Morning debate, 10 January 2018

Holly Willoughby has been praised by This Morning viewers for angrily speaking out during a controversial debate about the #MeToo campaign.

The presenter seemed to lose her cool as she and Phillip Schofield talked to French journalist Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, who recently signed an open letter attacking the movement following recent sexual harassment scandals.


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Holly, 36, appeared to show her feelings on her face in the chat as Anne argued that the campaign had become a ‘witch hunt’ on social media and then the popular host couldn’t help but cut in when Anne defended Kevin Spacey.

The actor was accused by Anthony Rapp of allegedly making a sexual advance towards him in 1986 when he was 14 and Kevin was in his 20s.

Anne argued that she didn’t think it was ‘acceptable’ that Kevin should ‘lose his livelihood’ when he ‘hasn’t been found guilty’ yet.

She went on: ‘That was a party when he was 26. There have been things said that to me, are worse, because you know, parties in the 1980s where people are gay in a time that it wasn’t so acceptable…’

An angry-looking Holly then interrupted to say: ‘I’m not sure that’s any sort of defence actually.’

Things got even more heated when Anne began to speak about sexual harassment at work, which she felt was ‘forbidden’ and should be treated seriously when a complaint is made.

Phillip then asked whether this was different to it taking place in a bar, to which the journalist replied: ‘In a bar, there are many things you can do. Does the climate in a bar make it impossible for you to defend yourself?’

Holly looked stunned as she leaned back in shock and simply said ‘wow’ whilst Phillip hastily brought the interview to an end.

Meanwhle fellow guest Debbie Arnold – who has spoken out about alleged sexual misconduct she has experienced – said she was ‘stunned’ by the comments.

Earlier in the discussion Holly had argued: ‘For me it’s quite clear I think. If you’re a normal human being you know what is appropriate.’

She also said that she felt that the #MeToo campaign was helpful in encouraging ‘vulnerable’ women to speak out and feel supported.

Many viewers praised the mum-of-three for being so forthcoming in the interview.

‘@hollywills thank you for defending us against the women who are somehow, unbelievably, against #metoo #ThisMorning,’ one watcher tweeted, whilst another posted: ‘Fair play to holly for saying that vunerable young girls need 2b protected.They need to be heard’

One added: ‘”If you’re a normal human being you know exactly what’s appropriate and what’s not appropriate” – YES @hollywills #ThisMorning’

And another quipped: ‘Holly Willoughby looked like she wanted to rip that woman a new one hahaha #thismorning her face said it all’

Similarly one Twitter user wrote: ‘I can’t believe what I’m hearing. @hollywills reaction says it all!! #ThisMorning #MeToo that French woman is deluded!! Nobody has the right to put hands on another person, no matter what the circumstance!! Bar or Work!! #whatanidiot @thismorning’

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