Hilda Dokubo Reveals She Has 50 Children

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Veteran actress and entertainer, Hilda Dokubo spoke in an interview with Sunday Scoop the day prior to this. She talked about her endeavours, marriage and denied that she has left acting.

read what she said:

“I do this through coaching. i’ve 50 youngsters who are usually not my biological kids. i’ve three organic children, however I’ve adopted 50 others. These children want fortify and i will be able to give them that. What I do is pay their college fees, buy them clothes and give them food. I also assist them in finding homes.”

“performing is like my second life. if you say I left appearing , it’s like announcing that I died. What happened was once I felt like giving again to the society that has beloved me a lot.  I chose to return to work with communities, see and feel like real folks. I’m now not done doing community work, however that is my time to return again and share these experiences in my work. I by no means left Nollywood, it was once just a small destroy which used to be worthwhile.”

After an extended while of separation, Hilda Dokubo reconciled along with her husband, Karo Mrakpor:

“everything in existence has stages and time. If I say I’m a Christian and love God, then I should be capable of live a lifestyles that Christ could be pleased with. It doesn’t matter who is correct or flawed in a relationship.  We did it for ourselves, our youngsters, others, however most importantly for God.”


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