Here are the 3 other judges of Nigerian descent on ‘The World’s Best’ reality show

Posted on Feb 16 2019 - 12:04pm by admin

Kate Henshaw and two other judges with a Nigerian parent have been discovered to be members of the “Wall of the World.”

The two other judges with a Nigerian parent are creative director, Yemi A.D (Adeyemi Dele Adekunle), who is representing the Czech Republic and international casting director, Zora DeHorter.

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Henshaw had announced her achievement on her Instagram account in the early hours of Friday, January 25, 2019.

Kate Henshaw is one of the 38 international judges for CBS’ new reality show, ‘The World’s Best.’

The three Nigerians joined Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and RuPaul. 

Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw joins the reality show as an award-winning Nigerian actress representing Nigeria at the “Wall of the World.”

A successful actress, Henshaw had first appeared as a judge on a reality show, Nigeria’s Got Talent.

She was one of the three judges that also had Dan Foster and Yibo Koko on the panel.

Yemi A.D

Yemi A.D is a creative director representing the Czech Republic at the “Wall of the World.”

Born Adeyemi Dele Adekunle, the choreographer and art director was born to a Nigerian father and a Czech mother.

Yemi AD is a Czech creative director who has a Nigerian father.

His multicultural background has helped him in exploring different cultures and regions in his own artistic way. Yemi’s constant exploration of diverse cultures from around the world has been the core of his own art, philosophy, and creations.

Zora DeHorter

Zora DeHorter is a professional casting director representing Nigeria at the “Wall of the World.” 

Zora DeHorter is a Nigeria born British casting director with an international reputation.

The Nigerian born and British raised Zora has earned her place as an independent film, television, and commercial casting director.

She has cast such films as ‘Ali G InDa House’, ‘Species III’ and ‘Loving Annabelle’ which won 10 awards.

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