‘He is a rollercoaster’ Donald Trump BLASTED over unconventional North Korea-US summit

Posted on Jun 15 2018 - 6:49pm by admin

President Trump became the first sitting US leader to meet a North Korean head of state at their landmark summit on Sentosa Island in Singapore, but drew criticism from certain commentators who believe the meeting legitimised the dictator.

Commenting on the efficacy of President Trump’s diplomacy, Conservative MP Dominic Grieve said: “I have to say it is a rollercoaster.

“From the point of view of trying to keep international stability, he’s an absolute nightmare.”

The rebel MP noted President Trump’s history of rapid policy changes has contributed to fears over the sustainability of the pledges made between the US and North Korean leaders.

He said: “Unconventional diplomacy can occasionally work, particularly if it’s done by someone who otherwise behaves conventionally and suddenly sees an opportunity.

“But the trouble with Donald Trump is that he is unconventional all the time so you don’t know what is going to happen in any 24hour news cycle.

“You don’t know what time the 4am tweet will come out and American policy changes, so it isn’t surprising people are starting to feel a bit jittery about this.”

Matthew Wright, former presenter of The Wright Stuff, concurred with Mr Grieve and argued that the Singapore summit has done nothing but legitimise the North Korean dictator on the world stage.

He said: “I think what Donald Trump has done is a very risky strategy that has legitimised a major dictator.

“He has glad-handed him and introduced him to the world stage.

“He is essentially, as far as I can see, slapping a guy on the back who keeps his own people repressed, and if that is a blow for freedom, I don’t know what is.”

Mr Wright also downplayed the supposed threat North Korea poses to the West, pointing to the failure of the US and the UK to find weapons of mass destruction during the Iraq war.

He said: “After having seen this country catch a cold after being told that weapons of mass destruction in a certain country were pointing our way and ready to go in 45 minutes, you’ll have to excuse me for being slightly dubious of claims a tinpot dictator who is keeping his people in virtual slavery has developed nuclear weapons.

“I’m not saying he doesn’t have intercontinental missiles, but whether he has the capability to fire a nuclear bomb, I’m not convinced he has.”

However, journalist Isabel Oakeshott was less critical of the US leader, and argued that some credit should be given for opening up relations with the reclusive regime.

She said: “Well it feels safe for this week, but who knows about next week.

“It’s not fashionable to do praise Donald Trump at all, but surely it’s got to be better that he has got this face to face meeting.

“There is now a connection, it’s opened a channel for communication, maybe it will all go wrong, maybe just maybe it might result in some improvement, so I think we have to give him some credit for this, however begrudgingly.”

Yet she acknowledged the unreliability of the two leaders, stating: “The problem is neither of these two characters are exactly known for their steadiness and consistency.”

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