Gym workout warning: Over-wearing sweaty kit could cause THIS embarrassing problem

Posted on Oct 21 2017 - 2:44pm by admin

Gym exercise is best done in streamlined, fitted clothing that allows you to move freely.

While tight cycling shorts have been popular for decades, working out in compression leggings, or ‘tights’, has grown in popularity among men in recent years.

They’re said to improve blood flow to muscles, which could help improve fitness, and they’re commonly worn by male gym-oers below shorts.

Exercise kit – or ‘activewear’ – is undoubtedly very comfortable, so it can be tempting to avoid changing out of it and spend longer wearing it than you need to.

But doing so could lead to an unpleasant and painful health issue in a rather private place.

Sweaty, tight clothing on the lower half could lead to men developing balanitis.

The condition is inflammation – or skin irritation – on the head of the penis.

Wearing ‘used’ gym kit that is sweaty and damp is the perfect environment for a build-up of fungus.

These fungi, called dermatophytes, feed on dead skin cells, triggering a fungal infection.

In the case of sweaty gym kit, it’s the fungus candida which can cause a yeast infection, and subsequently balanitis.

As well as a bacterial infection, other causes according to the NHS include irritation under the foreskin caused by wee, shower gels and other skin irritants, thrush,  an STI, skin conditions like eczema and children fiddling with their foreskin.

Symptoms include a sore, itchy and smelly penis, redness and swelling, build-up of thick fluid and pain when peeing.

The NHS recommend you see a doctor if you think you’ve got symptoms to check that it isn’t anything more serious like an STI.

The condition is normally easily treated with good hygiene, and recommended creams and ointments.

GPs often suggest steroid cream or ointment for a a skin irritation, antifungal cream or tablets for a yeast infection, and antibiotics for a bacterial infection.

Men who haven’t been circumcised are also at an increased risk.

If your banalities isn’t caused by an infection, like STI or thrush, then you needn’t abstain from sex. 

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