Gun-Trained Teacher Injures Three Students After Gun Accidentally Fires In Classroom — No, Really

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 5:16am by admin

A high school teacher made a huge mistake when his gun discharged during a firearm safety lecture. Three students were injured, none seriously. Read more about the baffling incident here.

For anyone who still thinks that the solution to fighting school shootings is to give every teacher in America a gun…yeah, that’s a bad idea. Administration of Justice teacher Dennis Alexander of Seaside High School in Seaside, CA, was displaying his gun in class on March 13, and reportedly pointed it at the ceiling to make sure it wasn’t loaded, said Seaside police chief Abdul Pridgen. Alexander is also a Sand City reserve police officer. A male student was “moderately” injured when debris from the ceiling fell on top of him. The 17-year-old’s father told local KSBW that fragments of the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and lodged into his neck. Two other students were injured, but the nature of their injures are unknown. They are described as “not serious.”

The father, Fermin Gonzales, said he and wife only found out what happened when their son arrived home from school with blood on his shirt. They immediately took him for x-rays. “He’s shaken up, but he’s going to be OK,” Gonzales told KSBW. “I’m just pretty upset that no one told us anything and we had to call the police ourselves to report it.” No wonder! Alexander reportedly apologized to the students, but the school never investigated to make sure the students were all okay. The Seaside PD did, though.

Alexander said he was teaching his students how to disarm someone when the accidental discharge occurred. He was placed on administrative leave from his teaching position, as well as at the Sand City Police Department. Sand City Police Chief Brian Ferrante said that Alexander had his last gun safety training less than a year ago, and doesn’t know why he would bring a loaded gun into a classroom. Carrying a weapon on a school campus without authorization (which Alexander doesn’t have) is illegal in California.

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