‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Riggs Proposes To [SPOILER] & Teddy Returns

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is finally back! Season 14 opened with Meredith and the doctors helping Owen’s sister after her shocking return, but it ended with someone discovering they have a tumor.

Grey’s Anatomy is back, and the season premiere started right where last season left off. Owen’s sister Megan is back and she has her memory, which is a good thing. Not only did she remember her handsome brother, but she had a pretty emotional reunion with her “babe,” Riggs. That is, until she revealed a gnarly wound from a bombing six months earlier. However, that wasn’t the only surprise she came home with — she also has a child! What?! Don’t worry — before you get your panties in a bunch, we have to tell you it’s not her biological child. Apparently, she took a child in (a Syrian refugee) after his parents were killed in combat. He’s now 10 years old, so Megan said she wants to go back to Iraq once Meredith fixes her bowel during a surgery. Click here to see more pics from Season 14!

Meanwhile, Bailey was busy giving the hospital a facelift, following the massive fire that happened during the Season 13 finale. You know, the one that nearly burnt Stephanie to a crisp. And speaking of, Jo told Alex that Stephanie was recently airlifted to a burn center in Texas. Sounds about right, considering Stephanie told Richard she was quitting the hospital late last season.

Anyway, on the heels of Stephanie and Minnick’s exits, came fresh faces to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. And by fresh faces, we mean a number of new interns, who Richard was forced to take under his wing. They were socially inept, so they just kept typing and talking on their phones while various doctors tried instructing them.

Teddy also came back! Yay. But she acted as a huge support system for Owen, and while we loved it, Amelia didn’t. In fact, it was super awkward when Amelia saw Owen and Teddy embracing in an empty office. And speaking of awkwardness, when Teddy found out Meredith and Riggs were a thing before Megan showed up, she forced Owen to tell Megan about it. Teddy even confronted Meredith and asked her to step down from being Megan’s surgeon. Amelia, however, told Teddy to back off. Regardless, Meredith took it upon herself to tell Megan the truth, and she seemed really upset with Riggs. But she told Meredith that he seems to have great taste in women. Meredith agreed. Aww!

Sadly, things didn’t stay that cheerful for very long. Just when it seemed like Meredith was finishing up Megan’s surgery, she learned she didn’t have enough tissue to close her up. This, of course, led to Meredith smashing a bunch of coffee mugs, but then she came up with the idea of transplanting an abdominal wall for Megan. And she asked Teddy to join in on the surgery. Then, she awkwardly walked in on Riggs PROPOSING to Megan. Awkward!

Anyway, speaking of Teddy… she, Megan and Owen’s mom later confronted him over his “sham” of a marriage with Amelia. “She’s entirely absent,” Megan said, referring to Amelia’s lack of compassion for his situation. Owen then approached Amelia and suggested she seek therapy since none of his family likes her, and as you can already tell, that didn’t go over very well. Nice one, Owen. But to be frank, maybe he was right. Amelia later referred to a bone as a lego! OMG, and Owen kissed Teddy. So. Much. Drama. But that’s not all… later, Amelia took part in a masturbation study (don’t ask), only to discover she has a massive brain tumor.

And remember April saying Maggie and Jackson had feelings for each other? Well, that still seems to be a thing this season, and the idea of a romance with Jackson seemed to be eating away at Maggie. She couldn’t even eat lunch with him without getting flustered and running away. And when they met up again later, Meredith told Jackson about April thinking they have feelings for each other. He got really uncomfortable, meaning he definitely likes Maggie, but Maggie assumed it meant he wasn’t into her. And when Jackson asked April about the situation, she expressed how hurt she was over their episode of casual sex before she told him she’s going to move out.

Speaking of random romances, Arizona was upset after she discovered Minnick ghosted her and moved away without notice, so she hooked up with the first woman who flirted with her at the bar. And guess what? It was none other than Andrew’s sister! Could a new romance be brewing? We hope so!

Oh, and Jo hooked up with a goofy new intern. Ugh. “You had sex with Glasses?” Alex asked as her overheard her telling Ben. And while we cringed, Alex laughed. But Meredith later told him that Jo likely did it because she has issues with him. She even compared it to her sleeping with George and it having everything to do with Derek. Anyway, later when Alex finally told Jo that he hired someone to hunt down her husband, she was super impressed and they had sex.

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