‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jackson Worries About April As She Nosedives Into Drinking

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Is April okay? Jackson became concerned for her during the March 1 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, when he learned she’s been partying with interns.

Ever since witnessing the death of her ex fiance’s wife, April has been spending her time sleeping with one specific intern and partying with the others. Clearly, she’s not doing okay, but she refused to admit that to Jackson during the March 1 episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Of course, that wasn’t all that happened this week at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. In “You Really Got a Hold On Me,” which also served as a backdoor pilot for the ABC drama’s spinoff, Station 19 (which premieres on Thursday, March 22), Ben and fellow firefighter Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) showed up to the hospital after saving two brothers from a house fire.

But first, let’s get back to April and Jackson. When she handed Harriet off to him, he seemed disturbed by her admission that she was hungover. After becoming concerned, Jackson tried getting information from Arizona, who basically said that April’s not the same April she was when she was with him. Arizona also suggested that Jackson let her figure out how to be happy without him. And later, while in the cafeteria, Jackson learned that Maggie’s still dating Clive. But what he was more upset about was the fact that he overheard Vik and Levi joking about April, who they refer to as “Dr. Party”. Not as hot as “McDreamy”, right? Anyway, Jackson shut that conversation down quick before running into April later and asking her to grab a cup of coffee with him. She shot him down, however, saying she had plans and he had to babysit Harriet. He also told April that he’s worried about her, but she responded by saying, “You’re Harriet’s dad, you’re not mine.” So what were her plans exactly? To get drunk with her interns at Joe’s bar — a sight that Arizona looked shocked by when she saw it firsthand in one of the final scenes of this week’s episode.

Remember how we mentioned Andy made her first appearance in “Shondaland” during this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Yeah, well, we forgot to mention that she also helped Meredith convince the doctor who owned her polymer patent to let her use it in her project for the Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest. Andy did so after she and Meredith saved one of the boys who was injured in the house fire. As the episode came close to its conclusion, Andy told Meredith that after taking a phone call from the doctor who owned the polymer patent, she had gotten her an appointment with him when he’ll be in the States the following week. They seem like a pretty dynamic duo — we’re certainly looking forward to more crossover episodes to come!

Finally, Richard desperately tried to get Bailey to take thing easy after her heart attack, but she refused. And Alex sang a duet with his patient, Kimmy — so cute!

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