‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Jackson & Maggie Finally Kiss After A Disaster Dinner Party

Posted on Mar 9 2018 - 11:35am by admin

It’s about time, right? Jackson and Maggie finally hooked up during the March 8 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and it was amazing.

OK, before we get to Maggie and Jackson’s sexy hookup, we need to start from the beginning. Maggie’s relationship with Clive got hot and heavy during the March 8 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, as the episode started with them in bed together. And the walls in Meredith’s house must be thin because Amelia said she easily heard Maggie and Clive going at it all through the night. Amelia said she misses sex because she’s not having any, but Meredith, on the other hand, has a “really great back massager” if you catch our drift. Later that night, Maggie and Jackson threw a small dinner party with their respective dates, and it was super awkward because an intoxicated April crashed the get together. April got so drunk that she put a stop to any sort of romance that went on between the two couples. And maybe that was a good thing because after a mystery woman rang the doorbell, Maggie learned Clive’s married. But things didn’t end there. Fortunately for Maggie, her night turned around when everyone left. After Jackson dropped his date off, he came back and told Maggie he had ended things with Priya because he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He then told her he wanted to take her on a proper date that would end with a steamy kiss. And while fantasizing about it, he actually leaned in and well… kissed her!

Meanwhile, Meredith and Jo prepped to meet the owner of the patent to the polymer they need for their project, but when they discovered he had recently died, they were forced to meet his daughter instead. And guess what? The daughter ended up being a family friend of Meredith’s — Auntie Marie (Ellis’ “good friend”). Jo called the revelation a “twist” and boy was she right. After Marie told Meredith that Ellis would be “proud” of her success, Meredith told her she had already used the patent and it worked on a mouse. Meredith thought she’d be given the patent, but Richard later dropped a bomb on her, saying that Marie and Ellis were never friends. In fact, Marie hated Ellis. Gulp. Marie played Meredith. In fat, Marie got Meredith’s entire theory and procedure out of her, and now, she’ll probably use it herself.

Finally, April faced a bit of trouble this week, after she accidentally sliced a female rugby player’s ear off and was suspended due to potential legal ramifications (Jackson and Maggie’s dinner party happened after April’s suspension started). Things got even more complicated, when Bailey discovered that the girl’s dad is a malpractice attorney. Fortunately, the girl begged her dad not to sue the hospital because she’s tired of “playing on the sidelines” or something. Either way, Bailey breathed a sigh of relief after her declaration.

Oh and aside from Jackson and Maggie’s hookup, Amelia and Owen also had sex. She was craving it and they obviously miss each other, so it was only natural for it to happen eventually.

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