Google Cloud Goes Down & People Act Like It’s The End Of The World – Tweets

Posted on Jul 18 2018 - 1:12am by admin

Even Google has it’s off days! The search engine experienced issues with it’s Google Cloud Platform causing several apps like Snapchat and Spotify to malfunction, and Twitter is NOT happy!

Almost of all of the internet went dark on July 17. Google Cloud Platform had an outage that limited users’ ability to properly work Snapchat, Discord, Spotify, Pokémon Go as well as Google domains like Breitbart and Drudge Report, according to CNBC. “Many Snapchatters are having trouble using the app as well as our support site. We’re working with a partner on the fix! In the meantime, we recommend staying logged in,” Snapchat tweeted following the incident at 12:43 p.m. PT. Google also took to Twitter to say, “We are aware of issues affecting some of our GCP services and the team is actively investigating.” And although the glitch in the system was fixed for most serves within half an hour, many angry users took to Twitter to express their frustration.

“Snapchat down, Google Cloud platform has crashed and taken everything with it, Spotify server error– does this mean The Purge has begun,” one user wrote in reference to the 2013 horror film. “Welp, I love when Google cloud services go down, meaning that both Snapchat and Discord are dead at the same bloody time,” another user tweeted. One person even suggested “THE END IS NEAR.” Luckily, everything was resolved by 1:20 p.m. PT.

“The issue with Google Cloud Global Load balancers returning 502s has been resolved for all affected users as of 13:05 US/Pacific. We will conduct an internal investigation of this issue and make appropriate improvements to our systems to help prevent or minimize future recurrence,” Google tweeted as a follow up.

We will provide a more detailed analysis of this incident once we have completed our internal investigation,” Google continued.

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