‘Goodbye UK’ EXASPERATED Juncker says EU has more important issues than Brexit

Posted on Mar 23 2019 - 8:22am by admin

Mr Juncker said he is “hopeful” Parliament will adopt an agreement in time as the EU has extended Article 50 by two weeks. But he said the EU have other things to get on with besides Brexit. He pointed out their main job is delivering things for European citizens.

Speaking at the Brussels press conference, Mr Juncker said: “This has been a long haul but we’ve got to look forward now.

“The clock is ticking not only for Brexit but for other things too.

“We’ve got to deliver things for the European citizens.

“321 legislative proposals have gone through Parliament and councils since we’ve started in this commission.

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“We’ve got to move forward.

“Tomorrow we’ll be talking about our relations with China, we’ll be talking about industrial policy and we’ll be talking about

“These are important essential things for Europeans and this is what our main job is.”

The EU has agreed “unanimously” to Britain’s request to extend Article 50.

Mr Tusk said that April 12 was a “key date” for the UK because if it decided not to participate in the European Parliament elections then a long extension would become impossible.

He said: “April 12 is a key date in terms of the UK wondering whether to hold European Parliament elections.

“If it is not decided do so by then the option of a long extension will immediately become impossible.”

At the same conference, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to MPs who have supported her deal.

Theresa May said: “I am very grateful to those MPs who have supported the deal, to those who have come around to support the deal and to all those MPs I have been meeting across the house.”

Mrs May also declined to rank her favoured options if her deal does not pass but did say: “I do not believe that we should be revoking Article 50.

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