George Shelley claims sister Harriet's shock death left him traumatised and depressed: 'It's easy to end up at rock bottom'

Posted on Sep 26 2018 - 1:12am by admin

George Shelley shared a heartbreaking post about the loss of his sister HarrietGeorge Shelley revealed his sister Harriet’s death left him depressed [George Shelley/Instagram]

Former Union J star George Shelley has emotionally revealed how he struggled with depression while grieving his sister’s tragic death aged just 21. 

The X Factor and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star has recently filmed a BBC3 documentary about his grief following his sister’s death as a result of a horror road accident.

However, he revealed that while the filming process was cathartic, he still found it “traumatic” to speak about his younger sister Harriet’s passing. 

George Shelley's sister Harriet is in intensive car after being hit by a carGeorge Shelley’s sister Harriet died after a car accident [Harriet Shelley/Instagram]

“Every time I was having to say the sentence, ‘I’ve lost my sister’, or, like, even mentioning Harriet’s name — to begin with, I couldn’t do [it] when I started filming,” he told Radio Times. 

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“A lot of thought went into whether I wanted to do [the documentary] and whether I was ready to do it. 

“[However] if I hadn’t started filming and met all the different people… I feel like I would have been so lost”. 

George Shelley has made a documentary about griefGeorge Shelley has made a documentary about grief [Twitter/ George Shelley ]

In an extract from the poignant documentary, George compared his heartache to being trapped in an iceburg, “because you don’t see it coming and it sinks you”. 

“If you don’t know the right techniques to stay afloat, it’s so easy to end up at rock bottom,” he added. 

The boyband singer’s 21 year old sister was killed in a road accident in April 2017.

George Shelley opens up on sister Harriet's death on LorraineGeorge Shelley revealed he still finds it traumatic to talk about Harriet’s passing [itv]

Harriet attended a Stormzy concert with friends in Bristol before being hit by a car.

She was rushed to hospital and stayed in intensive care for eight days before tragically dying.

In a conversation with his flatmate Emily seen in the upcoming BBC episode, she tells him: “You lost your passion for the world.

George Shelley opens up on sister Harriet's death on LorraineGeorge Shelley and Harriet were really close [itv]

“It was really, really, really dark. Seeing you like that scared me so much.

“It gave me the strength to support you because I felt like I had already lost Harriet and I could not lose you, and that was where you were going.” 

Emily even revealed that she was concerned George’s depression sent him down a dark path, which may have led to him taking his own life or several other horrible outcomes if he hadn’t sought help. 

“It’s usually not until it’s too late that people realise how bad the situation [is] for people, but because I was speaking about it and because I’ve had people like Emily in my life to talk through stuff, I’ve never got to that point where I’ve personally wanted to die,” he explained. 

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