George at ASDA release mini-me clothing collection for mums and daughters from only £10 – and it's all kinds of adorable

Posted on Nov 14 2017 - 10:47pm by admin
George at ASDA release Mini Me collection for mums and daughters [ASDA]

George at ASDA is a very understated place to scoop up hot trends for low prices. 

And now, the supermarket’s clothing brand has released a collection so adorable, we’ll be shocked if it sticks around in stores for long. 

George has revealed their mini-me collection, which allows mums and their daughters to dress in matching outfits. 

The collection is so adorable that if you don’t have children, you’ll have consider having some just so you can dress them in these clothes.

The collection allows mums and daughters to dress the same [ASDA]

Mums and daughters dressing the same has slowly been becoming a huge trend in the celebrity world, with stars such as Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, Kim Kardashian and North West and David Beckham and Romeo Beckham. 

The collection has created outfits very similar to the adult’s looks for children, for example, an adorable red velvet dress in sizes for mums, and daughters. 

Another stand out co-ord is the festive-themed sequin dress, perfect for mums and daughters over the Christmas period. 

As well, ASDA haven’t forgotten more casual looks, including the sweetest ‘sparkle all the way’ t-shirt. 

The adorable collection starts at £10 only [ASDA]

What’s even better is that the collection starts at £10, and so will not break the bank.

You can shop the collection at 

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