General election poll RESULTS: ‘Boris bounce’ holds strong as Brexit Party trails behind

Posted on Aug 12 2019 - 6:03pm by admin

Boris Johnson has been Prime Minister for less than a month, but it seems the ‘Boris bounce’ his supporters had hoped for is manifesting. Results from multiple pollsters have shown a resurgence for the Tories, and the poll shows the Tories riding high with 46 percent of the vote. Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party came in second place with 22 percent. In nationwide polls, Labour has widely come in third as the opposition continues to lose support over its vague Brexit policy, but has been bumped into fourth behind the Lib Dems by readers.


  • Conservative – 32,574 (46 percent)
  • Brexit Party – 15,563 (22 percent)
  • Lib Dems – 11,352 (16 percent)
  • Labour – 7,836 (11 percent)
  • Other – 1,559 (2 precent)
  • Don’t know – 1,440 (2 precent)
  • Green – 1,122 (1 percent)

The poll  received 71,446 votes in total between 12.30pm on Saturday, August 11 and 2pm on Sunday, August 11.

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Hundreds of readers were eager to share their opinions in the comment section.

The comment with the most upvotes simply wrote: “It won’t be Labour.”

Another commented: “The result shows that The Brexit Party will split Tory vote.

“This will worry Tory Remainer MPs. So they had better support Boris or lose their seats.”

Another agreed: “Boris Johnson has to agree a pact with Nigel Farage, otherwise it will split the vote and we will end up in the same situation with a slim majority.”

Others were keen to remind the Tories that the Brexit Party, which has seen a meteoric rise of support since its launch in April, was still a threat.

One wrote: “The Brexit party with Nigel is the best guarantee you can have that we will leave the EU.

“Look over your shoulder, Boris – he’s still there.”

Another thought asking the question at this stage was “pointless”.

They said: “Let’s wait and see how Boris’s plan works out . If he fails for whatever reason it will definitely be the Brexit Party.”

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The resurgence of the Conservative Party in the polls is in marked contrast to the same question asked when Theresa May was still in the hot seat.

A poll from YouGov on behalf of the Times between June 9 and 10, asked 1,702 British adults what their voting intention was in Westminster.

The Brexit Party took the lead with 26 percent of the vote.

Next was the Liberal Democrats with 22 percent, followed by Labour on 19 percent and the Tories limping in fourth with 17 percent.

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