Gemma Collins reveals intimate health issue forced her to cancel ANOTHER club appearance

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The GC is under the weather…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock (9215088ei) Gemma Collins The ITV Gala, Arrivals, London Palladium, UK – 09 Nov 2017

Gemma Collins.

The gift that just keeps on giving.

However, it would appear that being the GC can sometimes get a lil’ exhausting. Ya’know, it’s hard to be an icon 24/7.

So much so, the TOWIE lady has been forced to sadly disappoint her waiting fans again after cancelling a recent club appearance in Sheffield due to intimate health issues…

Yup, you know it’s bad when the GC has to whack out the Lemsip. What on earth could be wrong?!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Taking to social media, Gem has shared a video explaining to disappointed fans the cause for her absence from her scheduled club appearance.

The video, which has been shared to Gemma’s Twitter, is captioned: ‘Love you all sorry x’.

Speaking to the camera, Gemma reveals that the cause of her cancellation wasn’t quite a matter of life and death- but rather a bit of an awks urinary tract infection, cystitis.

Classic Gem.

Gemma explains: ‘Hi guys I just wanna say that I’m really sorry that I can’t make Sheffield tonight, I so would love to be there, but under doctor’s orders I’ve got to stay in bed’.

The lady continues: ‘I have got a water infection so I’m not feeling that great’, before adding, ‘I’ll be back soon, and I love you all dearly. I’m so sorry guys, these things happen though, but I hope to see you as soon as I’m better’.

However, despite Gemma seeming genuinely under the weather throughout the video, a few fans are a lil’ skeptical.

Mainly because despite being ill, the lady is *still* slaying.

One user joked: ‘Me cancelling on plans I forgot I made 2 weeks ago’.

Another said: ‘Disappointed in you GC mate, show us the doctors note x’.

Yikes! Whilst we don’t doubt the GC is having a bit of an off day, we’re sure Gemma will be right as rain in no time.

Earlier this week, Gem pulled out of an appearance at KIKI Manchester just four minutes before she was set to join party-goers due to a family bereavement.

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