Future In Lagos: A wonderful ‘detty december’ moment [Event Review]

Posted on Dec 31 2019 - 4:24am by admin

But by 2:00 am on December 30, ‘Buggati’ introduced the American superstar rapper to a roar and multicolored lights. The wait was over, Future was here entertaining the horde of beautiful women who swooped in droves. He was there n to entertain the large US IJGB contingent. They could be identified with their more methodical style – as opposed to their UK counterparts.

Future, a man excessively and unfairly criticized by the polity of modern pop culture/’wokeness’ was thrilling a Nigerian crowd in Lagos. Believe it or not, I can tell you for a fact that some of his biggest critics were in the crowd screaming his ‘misogynistic’ lines. It was a night to remember – people in the VIP section stood on their seats and table ticket owners left their food behind to hail King Future.

While Future was performing songs like ‘Racks’ and ‘Karate Chop (Remix),’ he appeared shocked that Nigerians were screaming some of his words back to him. He said, “Shout-out to Nigeria, man. Y’all be rocking with me from day one…” Like many others, it was a dream come true for this writer.

Ever since he played Dirty Sprite I in 2011, he has been a huge fan of the rapper’s writing skills and his ability to create melodies from random hoots. What became clearer on the night was how big a stage presence Future has – his energy was high and so was his crowd control. On the night, the conversation was about Future’s delivery.

The rapper was also supported by Nigerian artists like Dr. Sid, Rema, Pepenazi, Oxlade and so forth. The only major downside is how abruptly the show ended.

Nigerian show organizers and performers must start giving their audience longer experience. There is no reason why Future shouldn’t have had three breaks while being supported by some Nigerian artists and rappers. That was, he would have rested and the show would have been longer.

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