Frank Lampard reveals the terrifying moment he nearly died in freak accident – as he opens up about his feelings for wife Christine Lampard

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The Daily Mirror's Pride of Britain Awards - Arrivals Featuring: Frank Lampard, Christine Lampard, Christine Bleakley Where: London, United Kingdom When: 30 Oct 2017 Credit: Lia Toby/WENN.comFrank Lampard nearly died in a freak accident[WENN]

England legend Frank Lampard nearly died as a child after swallowing the mouthpiece of a trumpet.

Christine Bleakley’s hubby has earned 106 caps for his country but it might never have happened, if the freak accident had ended differently.

“I swallowed the mouthpiece of a trumpet as a kid. It nearly killed me.

Brit Awards 2017: Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard looked cosy on the red carpetThe footballer was rushed to hospital [Wire Image]

“I had to go to hospital to have it taken out,” he revealed.

The former Chelsea midfielder was interviewed by the Guardian and shared a number of revelations about his private life, including how he proposed to Christine Bleakley.

Frank flew a friend out to Santa Monica with an engagement ring so that he wouldn’t get stopped at customs with it and didn’t have to worry about holding the treasure during their trip. 

Frank Lampard is always supported by wife, Loose Women presenter Christine Bleakley, pictured here receiving an OBE Frank opened up about his private life [Getty]

The former footballer asked his pal to make the 5,500-mile journey with the band, which he had designed himself, and then arranged for him to “secretly pass” it to the footballer in Los Angeles. 

He said: “Romance takes some planning. I proposed to Christine on Santa Monica beach in LA. I even designed the ring myself. But to keep it under wraps I got a friend to fly out and secretly pass it to me at the hotel. 

“I then phoned Christine’s dad to ask permission – I ended up speaking to her mum but she insisted he’d be happy – and all went to plan.”

Footballer Frank Lampard and presenter Christine Bleakley tied the knot in December 2015Frank designed Christine’s wedding ring himself [Getty]

Frank wed Christine in December 2015 and has admitted he “fancies” his 38-year-old wife “more and more” each day. 

“Christine and I make each other laugh and have fun, but I am sure we fancy each other more and more as time goes on,” he added.

Christine also recently said she still fancies Frank and feels “very lucky” to be with him, admitting: “I love the idea of going back to basics.

Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard got engaged in Los Angeles in 2011Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard got engaged in Los Angeles in 2011 [Getty]

“I love my date nights, I love pretending that I’m 18 again. Maybe you get your hair done and I know this sounds really soppy but I’m talking about the little things. We can have one night where it is just us. I fancy him very much. I feel very lucky [to be with him].

“I just think no matter whether your husband has changed his appearance in the time you’ve been together, there must be something there that you still fancy.

“That is why I think going back to basics and doing dead simple things and just having a takeaway together. That’s what we do. If you can keep that, you can keep everything else ticking along … if you know what I mean.”

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