Former beauty queen, Iheoma Nnadi-Emenike says R.Kelly made passes at her when she was 16!

Posted on Jan 11 2019 - 3:27am by admin

Looks like we won’t hearing the last from celebrities who have had not so cool encounters with R.Kelly and the latest happens to be Iheoma Emenike who says he once made passes at her.

The former beauty queen and wife to Nigeria football international, Emmanuel Emenike, took to her Instagram stories on Thursday, January 10, 2019, where she narrated her experience with R.Kelly.

“You guys I actually had an experience with R.Kelly. I was about 16 working part-time at a retail store in Sandton (Johannesburg) we heard R.Kelly was in the mall, so we were standing outside the store to see him pass and I swear we locked eyes. He stopped and said hi to me, me out of everyone??!! and was asking me my name when my boss called us back in! I was angry at my boss though but watching this documentary now I’m like wow. Maybe underage girls were his type and was about to show interest,” she wrote.

ihuoma emenike opens up about her experience with R.Kelly [Instagram/IheomaNnadi]

Ihuoma Emenike joins the growing list of celebrities who have come out to either speak about their experience with R.Kelly or cut ties with the music icon.

Investigators looking into ‘sex cult’ accusations from R. Kelly documentary

Lady Gaga had on her Twitter page come out to cut ties with R.Kelly by taking down the music they made together from iTunes and other music platforms.

Lady Gaga says she won’t be working with R.Kelly again as she plans to take down song they made together


One celebrity who has vowed not to work with R.Kelly after watching the #SurvivingRKelly documentary is Lady Gaga. The music star made this known on her Twitter page on Thursday, January 19, 2019. In her statement, she stands by all the women who have suffered in the hands of R.Kelly. 


She went to talk about the idea behind the song she made with R.Kelly (Do What U Want With My Body) which according to her was made at a point in her life when she was angry following a sexual assault and still trying to process the trauma she was going through.

R.Kelly’s songs have since seen an increase in sales by 16% reports says

Lady Gaga in her long post also went on to talk about her stance on sexual assault and abuse which she has continued to maintain all through her career. She then ended the statement by saying that she would be taking down the song she made with R.Kelly from iTunes and other platforms and won’t be working with him again.

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