Florida Rangers Capture 12-Foot Alligator & Discover Arm Inside After It Dragged Woman To Her Death

Posted on Jun 10 2018 - 12:36am by admin

A body part belonging to the Florida woman who was attacked by an alligator on June 8 has been found. Get the details here!

While out walking her dogs in the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park in Davie, Florida on Friday, Shizuka Matsuki, 46, was violently dragged into the water by an alligator. Now, hours later, park rangers have reportedly captured the animal, according to Sun Sentinel. However, what they found inside the gator isn’t a good sign for Shizuka. After cutting the animal open, authorities discovered a human arm, presumably belonging to Shizuka. Hoping to find the rest of her body, officers and divers will remain at the park until further notice.

As we previously told you, a witness told the police this morning he saw Shizuka standing near the water at one minute, and in the next she disappeared. By the time he got over to where she was, her dogs could be seen barking at the pond. Making the situation even worse, one of the dogs had a fresh bite. “He could not find the woman that was walking the dogs, so he called for police assistance, and we’re still looking for her,” Davie Police Detective Viviana Gallinal said immeditelly following the incident.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time a park goer has come across an alligator. Tina Gonzales, who lives in Davie, said she visited the park last year and a large gator swam up to where she and her son were fishing. “My son threw the bread in the water to feed the little fish there and as we walked away, that gator was there in a heartbeat. We never went back again,” Tina said. Our hearts go out to Shizuka’s family during this difficult time.

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