‘First I’ve heard of this’: Katie Price slams claims her kids are teaming up with McDonalds

Posted on Nov 24 2017 - 12:50am by admin

Katie is ‘livid’ by the claims.

Katie Price on ITV’s This Morning, London 20 October 2017

It’s fair to say Katie Price is one lady who doesn’t feel the need to bite her tongue.

And so, the mother-of-five has been very vocal following a batch of rumours involving her famous brood – having taken to social media to slam some recent claims!

Over the week, there had been some speculation in the press alluding to Pricey’s son and daughter Princess and Junior becoming the new faces of a campaign for fastfood chain McDonalds.

The report had alluded to the youngsters having signed a deal to become the faces of the restaurants infamous Happy Meal.


A report published by The Sun had shared: ‘Katie Price has made no secret that she wants Junior and Princess to follow in her footsteps and become TV stars’.

A source had then told the publication, ‘When McDonald’s approached them, she and Peter thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get their names out there. They met the McDonald’s marketing team, who immediately fell in love with the kids’.

The source had then added, ‘The team have been so impressed with them that they decided to make them a six-figure offer to work on the Happy Meal campaigns next year’.

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However, Katie Price has now spoken out about this speculation – sharing this is the first she’s heard of the speculated deal.

Taking to Twitter, Katie has shared a Tweet bashing the rumours. The Loose Woman writes, ‘Well this is the first I’ve heard of this about my children so maybe @McDonaldsUK need to get in touch as I’m their mother’.

Katie then adds another Tweet which reads, ‘I have not meet any @McDonaldsUK marketing team to discuss any such deal involving any of my 5 five children ! ….LIVID’.

However, McDonald’s have also now issued a statement regarding the outcry from Katie.

A spokesperson for the company shares, ‘We have not directly approached Junior and Princess, or had a meeting with them. We previously worked with Peter Andre on a couple of campaigns, but we would not include a child as a standalone brand ambassador in any of our marketing’.

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