Femi Fani-Kayode blasts Governor Rotimi Amaechi – ‘You are a pot bellied, house boy, monkey and cultist’

Posted on Dec 26 2014 - 3:25am by admin

In a fb publish titled The Pot-bellied Creek Haramite And His Direct danger, former Aviation minister Femi Fani Kayode slammed River State governor, Rotimi Amaechi, calling him a cultist, home boy, peasant and a monkey.

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”If the PDP rig the election in 2015 we can now not go to courtroom and we will be able to make the u . s . a . ungovernable. we will form a parallel executive and there shall be anarchy”- Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

it’s time for the President to take off the child gloves and put this pot-bellied little monkey in his position. as soon as a houseboy, always a houseboy. once a cult member at all times a cult member. as soon as a peasant, all the time a peasant.

If Rotimi and his Haramite chums are on the lookout for bother then we must supply it to them in full measure. it will be a pleasure. every time a cockroach shows it’s head it ought to be beaten.

Treason is a very severe industry and the brazen attempt to incite others to wreck our country, make it ungovernable and kill our people is much more critical. Have they and their Haramite military and secret defense force wing no longer killed enough people already within the ultimate three years?

Whichever method they are looking to play it and whatever they need to will we are prepared for them this time. it will not be a a method slaughter anymore. if they kill our people after they lose in 2015 there can be swift, decisive and extreme consequences.

Let this young man Rotimi and people which might be the usage of him prepare himself for the effects of their madness. In 2010 they instructed the world that they might make Nigeria ”ungovernable” if they lost the 2011 election and because then Nigeria has now not known peace. Now they’re announcing it again. This time round our response might not be passive.

the only approach that you could fight madness is with an equal measure of insanity. the only manner that you would be able to defeat a bully is by mustering the get to the bottom of to face him down. the only method that you may defeat a terrorist who delights in shedding blood is to discuss with him with a much greater level of violence and terror.
they’ll no longer kill our people and get away with it anymore. any more it’s going to be blood for blood. it will be an eye fixed for an eye and it will be a enamel for a enamel. may just God help us all.

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