Fans sympathise with Katie Hopkins as she collapses after 'taking ketamine' – as many claim epilepsy was reason for her passing out

Posted on Feb 5 2018 - 8:33am by admin

Katie Hopkins' fans are sympathising with her after she collapsed in South AfricaKatie Hopkins’ fans are sympathising with her after she collapsed in South Africa [Getty]

The controversial TV star had to be rescued by paramedics after she collapsed following a “dose of ketamine.”

While Katie Hopkins, 42, received some backlash for taking the drug, many people on social media are claiming she took the Class B drug for her epilepsy condition.

Some fans are now wishing the former Apprentice star well, insisting her epilepsy was to blame for the scary episode.

Katie Hopkins is pictured surrounded by paramedics in the shocking photo Katie Hopkins is pictured surrounded by paramedics in the shocking photo [Katie Hopkins/Twitter]

Katie Hopkins discusses her TLC documentary 'Journey to Fat and Back' on This Morning - Shown on ITV1 HD Featuring: Katie Hopkins Where: London, UnitKatie suffers from epilepsy [ITV]

“Not a big fan of her myself but wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy!” wrote one person, while a second said: “Hope she’s OK. Get well Katie”.

“Like her not Epilepsy is horrendous and if anyone went through what your body goes through during and after a seizure you wouldn’t wish it on anyone [sic],” insisted a third.

Meanwhile, another sympathetic fan added: “She’s still a human being I just hope she is ok as she is a mother and has people in her life who love her”.

Katie Hopkins will leave LBC immediatelyKatie Hopkins had surgery on her brain in a bid to treat her epilepsy[Empics Entertainment]

On Sunday, the former Celebrity Big Brother star took to Twitter to share a photo of herself face-down on the pavement while being assisted by paramedics.

In the photo, the mother-of-three is seen being injected with a needle while surrounded by a team of doctors.

“Grateful thanks to the South African emergency service for putting me back together. Leaving it all on the road, to tell the truths not being told. *ketamine 1 / Hopkins 0.”

Katie Hopkins appears on 'Loose Women', to talk about her time in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House. Shown on ITV1 HD Featuring: Katie Hopkins When: Katie has battled epilepsy since the age of 19 [ITV]

Katie, who suffers from epilepsy, is in South Africa to film a project.

Speaking about her epilepsy in the past, Katie said: “I felt worse in some ways when I was diagnosed. I never thought of myself as ‘epileptic’ or odd – which is pretty much what people think, isn’t it? That epilepsy equals odd.

“That’s harsh, but true. I think many people have the same preconceptions – that people with epilepsy fall on the floor and froth at the mouth.”

In March last year she underwent a 12-hour brain operation to treat the condition, which has “plagued her” since she was 19.

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