‘Famous In Love’s Niki Koss: Alexis Will Go Down A ‘Deep Slope’ After Exposing Nina & Jordan’s Affair

Posted on Apr 19 2018 - 9:15am by admin

Things aren’t going to get any easier for Alexis. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with ‘Famous In Love’s Niki Koss about how Alexis is going to be handling everything after her huge mistake.

Alexis has messed up — badly. Alexis accidentally exposed Nina and Jordan’s affair, leaving Rainer absolutely heartbroken. Needless to say, Alexis isn’t on anyone’s good side right now. The road ahead is going to be a tough one, Niki Koss previewed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

The Famous In Love star teased that Alexis is going to “suffer some consequences” for revealing Nina and Jordan’s affair on her reality show, Alexilicious. Right now, Alexis’s “number one priority” is Tangey. Niki stressed that Alexis doesn’t want to lose that friendship, and it makes her a little “desperate” to get things back on track. Take a look at our Q&A now.

The last episode was a tough one for Alexis. Will the fact that she accidentally exposed Nina and Jordan’s affair going to weigh on her?
Niki Koss: I think this is the beginning of a big moment for Alexis in her life where she’s going to learn a lot of lessons about when you make sacrifices for fame, they end up being just that. I think she’s going to have to suffer some consequences, and she’s going to learn a lot from it in the next couple of episodes. You definitely see a different side to her, that’s for sure.

Tangey is obviously very angry with Alexis. What can you tease about the other ramifications going forward for this mistake, especially with a lot of her co-stars?
Niki Koss: Well, the cool thing about the fact that they all work on Locked together is that it’s just that. It’s a movie where everyone is equally contributing to a common goal. And when you’re working on a movie, everyone needs to be doing their part and everyone needs to be putting in the same amount of effort and hard work. Things really go awry when, for example, Rainer left the movie, Nina almost got fired from it. It had so many ramifications. It’s a big responsibility and I think Alexis is really going to be faced with the reality of what that responsibility looks like and what the consequences are for not upholding that responsibility.

This information really impacts Rainer a lot. Would you say maybe Rainer and Alexis will eventually come face-to-face about this?
Niki Koss: It’s definitely going to be necessary at some point for them to come face-to-face about this and have a conversation, especially given their history. They grew up together. I think Rainer, specifically, Alexis has a special bond with. I feel like down the line they will have to face each other.

Is Alexis going to be actively fighting to repair things with Tangey?
Niki Koss: I think Tangey is Alexis’s number one priority right now and repairing their friendship. The farther away Tangey gets, the more desperate Alexis gets to not lose her. She starts to realize every day more and more that she needs Tangey in her life and how important that relationship is to her.

How is Alexis going to be dealing with Tangey’s mom?
Niki Koss: I think Alexis is a very, very, very strong person and to be at the position she’s at in her career and even have survived this long in Hollywood, she has to be tough. I think Ida is a very strong match for her. They’re definitely going to have to get in the ring at some point. But I really don’t think anyone out-fights Alexis. She is small but mighty.

Speaking of going into the ring, in the first episode back, Nina and Alexis really got into it. What’s that relationship going to be like now?
Niki Koss: Well, it’s interesting because I think Alexis and Nina reach a point where they start to empathize with each other and start to see the similarities going on in their lives. They’re both getting shunned by everyone that they love at this point. It’s an interesting dynamic that it creates between the two of them. They may or may not come to each other for help at some point.

Is Alexis going to be leaning on anyone?
Niki Koss: She’s beginning to go down a deep slope right now, and I think the isolation just makes that more and more intense every day. She is at a point where everyone in her life is shunning her. I think the only person she has right now is Ida, who she doesn’t trust with any fiber in her being.

What’s the status of her reality show? 
Niki Koss: When she realized what her reality show is doing to her and what it’s trying to do to her relationships, that was it for her. She realized she didn’t want to be a part of it, and unfortunately, she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter. It makes for a really interesting situation that she’s put in. She has to support the success of a show she doesn’t want to be on.

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