Falz: Rapper's 'Child of the World' video continues to elevate his socio- conscious status

Posted on Jul 24 2018 - 9:52am by admin

Falz put out the video for his song, ‘Child of the World’ over the weekend, and again he manages to put issues into focus at a very important time.

When Falz released the video for his inspired single, ”This is Nigeria”, a song that mirrors present happenings in the nation, the video generated as many ‘oohs’ as it did ‘hmmns’.

Inspired by Childish Gambino‘s, ‘This is America’ visuals, Falz replicated the setting of the American rappers video to tell his Nigerian story.

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Now the rapper is back on the conscious path and this time it is a song off his third studio album, ”27” titled, ‘Child of the World’.

Following his recent releases of singles from the album, the video for Child of the World is the third in the series following Next and Boogie, which features Sir Dauda.

Produced by Spax, the song touches on a number of issues as it affects the society particularly rape, HIV, depression and suicide.

While the lyrics of the song carries enough weight to push home the message, Falz seeing the reaction the visuals for ‘This Is Nigeria’ generated knew he had to deliver a stellar video to further extend the conversation and this he has achieved.

Teaming up with one of the finest cinematographers in Kemi Adetiba, the video director who is behind the popular movie, ”The Wedding Party 1” and the ”King Women” series, the duo manage to create a cinematic representation worthy of the song.


The 5 minutes long clip opens with a young lady (played by ex BBNaija housemate BamBam) contemplating suicide by attempting to jump off the bridge, with the next scenes showing events that led to the decision as Falz delivers his lyrics.

With actress Toyin Abraham playing the role of the mother, BamBam is celebrated graduating from school, but the scenes of happiness soon gets derailed as she is raped by someone who is referred to as her uncle.

This singular act soon cast a darkness upon her innocence as she becomes a sex addict, venturing into prostitution which leads to her eventually testing positive to HIV.

Falz is the guardian angel at her point of attempted suicide as he encourages victims of rape to ‘Speak Up’, with the voices in her head helping her make a decision to turn her life around for good.

play BamBam plays the role of the abused girl in Child of the World (Youtube/Falz)


The video closes with various inscriptions that passes the message of rape being a horrific act; and HIV, never a death sentence.

This is not exactly the first time that a Nigerian is passing a vivid message through his video, but alongside Kemi Adetiba, an emotional touch is sprinkled on the scenes that makes the edges sharper than most of what has been seen in recent times.

The rapper is steadily using the position he has enjoyed with his consistency and the controversy that his video for ‘This is Nigeria’ birthed to highlight key issues prevailing in the society and influence discussions on social media.

With every roll out, Falz is elevating himself from being a bit part player to a big game player and if he continues to roll out more engaging videos like this, then his portfolio as one of the leading rappers on the scene will be strongly solidified.

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