Falz: Artist's flawless roll-out for 'Sweet Boy' deserves commendation

Posted on Sep 19 2018 - 5:19am by admin

All hail Falz, the president of the ‘Sweet Boys Association’ and also one of those leading the way in providing a blueprint for artists on how to dynamically navigate their path in the music industry.

The digital era has changed the face of the music industry in a way where working by old protocols no longer hold and only game changing moves earn unparalled reaction.

How do you make people interested in your music in an industry where we listen, digest, regurgitate and discard music at such a lightning pace to accommodate for a new one? This is one question that Falz answers with his new single ‘Sweet Boy.’

On Friday, September 14th, Falz released both the audio and visuals to his latest single, ’Sweet Boy’, while this is not exactly big news in any way, it is the manner of its eye-catching, perfectly planned and brilliantly executed roll-out for the single that has gotten social media buzzing.

play Behind the scenes images of the video for Falz’s ‘Sweet Boy’ (Youtube/Falz)


Now here is the trick, there are a strong number of people that are indifferent to the song or even out-rightly yet to be sold on the record, but Falz has deftly planted three options into the subconscious state of every music lover, if you don’t like the song, you will like the video, which parades a galaxy of ‘Sweet boys’ and if the video is still not convincing, at least you will appreciate the roll-out, creating a win-win situation where everyone is talking about the song.

Now let’s talk about the roll-out proper

Every Nigerian artist needs to learn and understand that when the time comes to release your music to the world, you need to treat it like it means everything to you and build a strategy around it to maximize its impact.

You can no longer put that much effort into writing, recording and producing your music and then just put it out without a bother, there has to be a creative rollout in order to make all effort count.

Fridays are like a nightmare for the average music site due to the large volume of new music received and a lot of these songs, both average and absolutely mind-blowing, have not gone beyond a few ears due to poor or unintentional promotion, drowned in the multitude of songs that make the internet and airwaves on a daily.

play Falz and members of his Sweet Boys Asscoiation with Shody and Sir Dauda behind him (Youtube/Falz)


Hence, If you fail to properly build up to your release, be it an album or single, with an aggressive and distinct promotional push, chances are the release will go unnoticed no matter how good the song may be.

The listeners reach peak interest when their anticipation is properly stirred in the direction of something new and different.

With ‘Sweet Boy’, Falz got the consumers excited, successfully making his music ubiquitous by approaching the promotion from multiple angles and placing it right in the face of his fans across varied platforms.

It all started on his social media pages as he consistently shared hints through pictures and random clips of himself looking dapper with the hashtag ‘Sweet Boy’.


While it may just be another single, videos are fast becoming the most effective medium for absorbing new content on the internet and with this in mind, Falz heated things up within a week with a teaser video on his Youtube page on Monday, September 10 titled ‘The Invitation’, this was soon followed by a ‘Presidential Address’ three days later from the self-acclaimed leader of the association, and then the audio and visuals released simultaneously by the close of the week.

By putting thought, time and innovation into the creation of these videos, Falz has created a variety of content that will catch your attention one way or another.

But the most important piece in this jigsaw was the website that allows everyone who meets a certain specification to register and actually qualify into becoming a member of the association.


A number of people who have signed up to this association have no reason why they did or what the association is about, but who would turn down an opportunity to be regarded as a ‘sweet boy’ instead of a ‘Yoruba demon’ or to feel some form of association in an elite coalition.

With this move and the varied reactions across social media, Falz has not only heightened the buzz around the song, but also around his brand.


He has also been able to enhance his relationship with his audience, who now feel like members of an elusive group of men that include celebrities like Mai Atafo, Williams Uchemba, IK Osakhioduwa, Adekunle Gold, Tobi Bakre, Noble Igwe, Sess, Banky W, Lasisi Elenu and Ric Hassani.

play Noble Igwe, Falz and Tobi Bakre are all identified members of his Sweet Boys Association (Instagram/Falz)


Promotion is always important and can never be understated in whatever way they may come.

It is no secret that the fans tend to gravitate towards an artist that they believe have a clear sense of artistic direction and identity with the ability to mix it up and pull something different occasionally.

From his rap style to the way he speaks and even dresses, Falz has an authentic effect on his fans, one that many can learn from in making sure the audience is genuinely interested in what they have to offer.

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