EXCLUSIVE: Rak-Su’s Myles: ‘Liam and I laughed about me fancying Cheryl’

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The curly-haired cutie smoothed things over with Liam Payne but was kept away from Cheryl…

Cheryl ‘The X Factor’ TV show, Series 14, Episode 16, Judges’ Houses 22 October 2017

There’s no denying that Rak-Su are one of the most talked about bands on The X Factor 2017, and one member of the boyband even caught Cheryl Tweedy’s eye at judge’s houses.

We caught up with Myles backstage at The X Factor live shows – on the same night Cheryl attended to watch her boyfriend Liam perform– to ask him what happened when he bumped into the One Direction star…

Myles, 25, said: ‘We cracked banter – it’s one of them things isn’t it, we cracked banter and it was good to see him.’

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During a chat with host Dermot O’Leary, Liam jokingly warned the hopeful off of his ‘missus’, but it seems Myles isn’t trying to step on any toes as he seemed surprised to learn Cheryl was in the building,

When we asked if he got the chance to see Cheryl again during the evening, Myles replied: ‘‘No, no, no, I haven’t seen her.’

But Myles hasn’t taken offence, he said: ‘Liam did indeed [make a little joke], he’s a lovely bloke, so down to earth, so humble, you wouldn’t think that he’s sold millions and millions of records. He’s such a down to earth guy and it’s an honour to meet him.’

The boys – Ashley, Jamaal, Myles and Mustafa – rap, write and perform their own songs and with their dancing coming along slowly but surely, we can reveal they’ve got a whole lot more surprises in store.

And, despite working hard to get the dance moves to match their vocals, they haven’t ruled out using the usual boyband props – with a few surprises thrown in.

‘It’s amazing to see each other progress,’ said Mustafa, 25, who is in charge of the band’s choreography,

But Ashley stressed: ‘Baby steps – we’ve got to crawl before we can walk, so we’ll take it slow but hopefully week by week you’ll see progression’.

And teased: ‘There could be stools, there could be cranes and a helicopter, anything could happen…’

But, jokes aside, Rak-Su are keen to prove that their mentor Simon Cowell made the right choice in picking them and have ‘soaked up’ as much of his advice as possible.

Ashley said: ‘We’ve gone from doing music on the side to feeling what it would be like to be a musician 24/7 and we’re keen to be original for as long as we can really.’


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