Euro judges hold power to REVERSE Brexit – study says decision in hands of ECJ

Posted on Jan 16 2018 - 8:26am by admin

An EU study on whether Article 50 can be un-triggered said the decision does not rest with Britain alone. 

The study by Brussels said the UK cannot simply decide to stop Brexit and remain in the European Union. 

Ioannis Papageorgiou of the European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee policy department said: “The assumption that there is a self-affirmed right of member states to interpret the silence of the treaty in the matter and conclude that the UK (or any) notification of withdrawal under Article 50 can be revoked would have long-lasting political and legal consequences for the EU.

“A hypothetical right of revocation could only be examined and confirmed or informed by the EU institution competent to this purpose.”

Despite this, EU officials have privately sought legal advice which said it is still possible for the UK to decide to remain in the bloc, Bloomberg reports. 

All sides admit, however, the situation is largely academic as the Government, as well as Labour, are not entertaining the prospect of remaining in the EU. 

It comes after Germany’s proposed grand coalition sent a message to the UK with a proposed government deal focusing heavily on the EU. 

The paper pays tribute to the EU and its role in Germany and said the country owed an “infinite debt to Europe”. 

It begins: “The EU is a historically unique successful peace project and so it should remain in the future. 

“The EU connects economic integration and prosperity with freedom, democracy and social justice. 

“The core of this European vision is that the EU uses its political and economic weight to create peace outside its borders and security and prosperity inside. 

“Germany has an infinite debt to Europe. Also because of this we are under an obligation to turn it into a success. 

“To Germany, a strong and united Europe is the best guarantee for a good future in peace, freedom and prosperity.”

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