'EU will COLLAPSE if Merkel goes' Malta Foreign Minister gives STARK warning on Newsnight

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 8:35am by admin

Ahead of crunch talks of the European Council which will focus on migration, security and defence, Mr Carmelo was invited onto the flagship programme to discuss Angela Merkel.

The Foreign Minister was asked how important it is for the Eurozone that Angela Merkel survives.

Mr Carmelo replied: “Definitely we need to be in this issue together.

“We know that we have a number of challenges so the better that governments are stable is good to tackle these issues together.

“So it’s not just good for the Eurozone but for the future of the European Union itself because there are people who are saying that Europe is so divided on migration issue that they are very sceptic about the future of the EU.

“So we need to make this work.”

Angela Merkel has divided her nation following her decision to open her borders to migrants in 2015.

Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has threatened to resign from office as soon as Sunday if she fails to obtain a compromise on EU-wide migration from her European counterparts.

Speaking on broadcaster ARD, Mr Seehofer said: “There are situations in politics where you have a conviction.

“In those cases, the conviction is more important than the office.”

Germany has also seen the rise of the populist and anti-immigration party Alternative For Germany (AfD) make significant gains in the previous election and Merkel also lost significant ground.

Newsnight also interviewed a Bavarian voter who thinks it is time for Angela Merkel to leave.

He said, passionately: “Angela should go. She didn’t make the right politics for Germany.

“She decides for Europe but she doesn’t have any followers. No one.

“Look a France, look at Italy, look at Norway; nobody will follow her rule.”

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