EU wants to tell YOU how to PARENT: Report suggests bloc could take control of childcare

Posted on Oct 24 2017 - 10:11am by admin

Buried in a report on “minimum income schemes” by the European Union Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, MEPs advocated providing an income “that is above the poverty line” and added the moves should be accompanied by “the provision of public services such as health, education and childcare”.

Although the report has not been ratified by the EU Parliament and it has not legislative power as any directive by the body can be voted down by individual states, it can be seen as a further move by the bloc to increasingly interfere in people’s lives.

Areas such as healthcare provision and childcare issues have not been of concern for the EU and previously seen as the domain of individual countries to decide.

A vote for the measures by the EU Parliament could open the door for the Brussels apparatchiks to start dictating over a country’s domestic policies and start imposing their rules and regulations into the minute details of people’s lives.

Buried further in the report, MEPs discuss people’s minimum income “to meet people’s fundamental needs, including also non-monetary aspects, such as access to education and lifelong learning, decent housing, quality healthcare services, social activities and civic participation”.

In the report, written by Italian left-winger Laura Agea, the explanatory statement says: “The minimum income scheme should be coupled with a strategic approach aiming at social integration; to that end, it is recommended that effective social protection measures regarding parts of people’s lives such as the guarantee of housing, health care, education and training, should be adopted in parallel with the implementation of the minimum income scheme.”

The report comes at a time when there are strong factions with the member states seemingly pulling in different directions.

The core EU countries, namely France controlled by Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel’s Germany are pushing for greater integration, arguing for a federal state of Europe with EU-wide legislative and judicial bodies along with bodies such as an EU-wide army and defence force.

However, kicking against the superstate vision are, generally, the East European countries, in particular the Visegrad Group – the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia – which are resistant to increased integration with leaders like Hungary’s Viktor Orban who has repeatedly spoken out over intrusive meddling by the EU, especially over the issue of migrant quotas.

Jayne Ade, director of the campaign group Get Britain Out, told “Seizing on such important policy areas is also a brazen assault on national sovereignty, part of the one-way ratchet towards an EU federal superstate. If we were staying inside the EU, we too would be on track to lose control over this vital area. Thank goodness the UK voted to Leave.

“This will only prove to the free peoples of Europe they cannot keep their freedom in the confines of the EU. Such arrogant power grabs are causing Eurosceptics to rise across the continent. Get Britain Out hopes other countries will join us in walking out while they still can.”

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