EU to launch autumn AMBUSH to force May to accept freedom of movement

Posted on Jun 11 2018 - 8:17pm by admin

The EU is set to attack Mrs May when she meets for the Conservative Party conference with her warring Cabinet – predicting the Prime Minister’s grip on power will be at its weakest.

A European ambassador has warned the Government that EU negotiator, Michael Barnier, will put the freedom of movement headache back on the table in October when he expects the Prime Minister will be exhausted by demands from her divided team.

This team includes Savid Javid, who since voting remain has done a U-turn and appears to be backing Brexit.

The Home Secretary newbie recently tore up plans to offer European migrants preferential access to Britain after Brexit, which angered Mrs May’s remain-backing ministers.

Added to that, Brexit Secretary David Davis enlisted MPs Steve Baker and Suella Braverman to form a triple resignation pact after Mrs May infuriated him by showing a revised plan for avoiding a hard border with Northern Ireland to remain-supporting ministers first, in an attempt to keep them on side.

The new plan would keep the UK tied to the EU for a “time limited” period should she fail to reach a customs deal.

Mr Davis was eventually given access to the paperwork and was said to have not liked what he saw as with no date mentioned as to when the backstop would expire, the document did not appear to be “time limited” whatsoever.

This prompted the pact with Mr Backer and Ms Braverman, which could have collapsed the entire Government.

Boris Johnson piled on more stress for Mrs May when it was leaked that he wanted a more “macho” approach to Brexit, adding the UK was on course to be “not in Europe, but run by Europe”.

News of the EU’s attack on Mrs May comes in the wake of shocking leaked papers that show former Home Secretary Amber Rudd was plotting a “labour mobility partnership” with the bloc, a move that would have infuriated Brexiteers.

A senior Department for Exiting the European Union source said: “Sajid has moved away from the Rudd position, which was that you come up with a universal system in which you find ways to favour EU nationals.”

Brexiteers with EU contacts have said Sabine Weyand, Mr Barnier’s deputy, plans to hit this autumn.

One said: “Sabine has a grid to chip away at May’s red lines, freedom of movement being the last one.”

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