EU crumbles: Italian's fume Germany has abandoned them – 'we are bleeding to death'

Posted on May 18 2020 - 5:05pm by admin

Right-wing populists in Italy such as Matteo Salvini have exploited the situation by fermenting anger towards the German’s in a series of tweets and speaches. The Lega leader argued that the EU retreats into member state self protectionism during times of hardship. He said this is hypocritical after being “fed European slogans for 20 years.” He fumed that when Italy needs help, it will come from Venezuela or Albania and that, “we don’t get anything from Germany, except two fingers in our eyes.” German newspaper Der Spiegel announced that over 70 percent of Italian citizens said they were disappointed by Europe’s aid to date.

It also added that Italians feel abandoned, especially by the Germans.

Italians suggest the actions of Germany show that the bloc is in no way united.

While Russians, Chinese, and Cubans sent aid planes, the German federal government blocked the export of protective masks and suits before it finally helped.

Many Italians witnessed Berlin providing hundreds of billions of euros in support for its own citizens, but prevents corona bonds to alleviate Italian needs.

Italian newspaper “Il Giornale” said that Germany is “suffocating” Italy.

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