Erin Lee Macke: 5 Things About The Iowa Mom Arrested For Leaving Kids At Home To Vacation

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Erin Lee Macke thought it was a good idea to leave her four children – ages 6-12 – home alone while she went to Germany! She now faces up to 40 years in prison, so get to know everything about this Iowa mother.

1. Erin Lee Macke’s children were the ones who reported her for leaving them alone. Local Iowa police told KCCI-TV that Erin’s children (ages 12, 12, 7 and 6) were the ones who turned her in for leaving them behind while heading off to Europe. The authorities told the station that, “the children were left alone for 24 hours before the police department and Iowa Department of Human Services received a tip and visited the children” and that the children told the police, “Mom left them and left the country.”

2. Erin was allegedly going to be in Germany for several days. Erin’s European vacation wasn’t just a long weekend: the 30-year-old mother reportedly planned to stay overseas for nearly two weeks. Authorities discovered that she left the country on Sept. 20, and had not scheduled her return until Oct. 1. She somehow thought it was okay to leave her three children home alone for twelve days. Unbelievable.

3. She has worked as a veterinary assistant and reportedly posed for a bikini competition. Erin was initially dubbed a “bodybuilder mom,” because the mother of four reportedly posed in a fitness competition in May 2017. Photos of Erin competing in a bikini were shared to her social media sites, but since her arrest, her Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles have all been deleted. Yes, this scandal is so bad, she even wiped her LinkedIn account. Before hitting the DELETE button, eagle-eyed individuals reported that she attended college for marketing and equine science. She even worked as a farrier, putting horseshoes on the animals.

4. Her ex is not a big fan of her. The police got the tip that something was up when one of the fathers of Erin’s kids called their child, only to find out that Erin had vamoosed without hiring a babysitter. When Matthew Macke, Erin’s ex-husband (and father of her two youngest kids) found out, he saw red. “In my eyes, it was a clear, deliberate act,” he told Inside Edition, adding that he wasn’t surprised that Erin would pull this kind of stunt

5.  She allegedly left an unloaded Glock 9mm on top of her dresser. In addition to the four counts of child endangerment (which carries a possible 10-year prison sentence, each) Erin was hit with one charge of making a firearm available to a person under the age of 21. Before she left for Germany, Erin allegedly didn’t put her handgun away, as police reportedly found an unloaded 9mm Glock in her bedroom, per Daily Mail. Supposedly there were two magazines, one loaded and one partially loaded, next to the gun.

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