'Enough with the project fear lie!' Audience member FURIOUS at Remoaner on Question Time

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The audience member claimed the EU gets involved in wars

Co-creator of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, Jonathan Lynn said that he thinks “Brexit is a looming disaster” before demanding that there should be a second referendum.

He added: “I think the campaign was meaningless. Nobody on the Remain side talked about the real purpose of the EU in its origins, which was to prevent war.

“Konrad Adenauer and General de Gaulle realised that for the previous 70 years Europe had been involved in endless wars and for the last 500 years the great powers in Europe have fought each other.

“The idea of the EU was to put everyone into a trade relationship so that war would stop and that has been a success.

“There has been no war in Europe since 1945 and that’s a very long time in European history.

“Also think of the casual lies about £350million being spent on the NHS every week, there was so much nonsense talked.

“Nobody voted for anything that was real, they just voted for a word, ‘Brexit’, or ‘Remain’.

“I think what has got to happen is a second referendum when there are terms known so that people can actually vote on what is actually being proposed which has not yet happened.”

But an audience member disagreed and his voice was tremorous with anger.

He said: “I would like to know what Jonathan Lynn’s definition of a war is. Because the troubles raged on when Britain and the Irish Free State were members of the EU.

“Enough with that project fear lie that the EU prevents wars. The EU gets involved in wars.

“Not just in Europe, but abroad in the Middle East, Africa and so on.”

Also appearing on the panel was Former Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers, who defied David Cameron and backed the Leave campaign.

She believes that the project fear campaign has been proven wrong.

Ms Villiers said: “I believe that Brexit is going to open up real opportunities for the UK as a whole, including Northern Ireland.

“I think the opportunities to trade with countries with whom we have no trade agreements at the moment will make it easier to do business around the world.

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Theresa Villiers defied David Cameron to back Brexit

“I think as an independent country again able to make our own decisions on how we support our farmers, giving a lifeline to our fishermen, introducing an immigration system that has democratic consent, I think all of these are big positives.

“And those that predicted that we would sustain an immediate economic shock when we voted to leave the EU have been proved wrong.

“We have the lowest unemployment since 1975, there are three million people in work than in 2010, we have the best record in Europe for foreign direct investment.

“More than ever before, there are many opportunities ahead for Northern Ireland when we implement Brexit.”

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Dimbleby asked whether Villiers thought Brexit was going well

David Dimbleby asked wryly: “Is it going well so far?”

The audience laughed, but Ms Villiers said: “The economy is going well, the fundamentals of the economy are very strong.

“We’ve seen good news from companies like Google, Nissan, GSK, Astrazeneca, Apple, Novo Nordisk, Toyota, Siemens and Rolls Royce.”

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