ENOUGH! Brexiteer perfectly tears apart Remainer ‘fibs’ – and reveals EU's no deal bluff

Posted on Jul 9 2019 - 4:00pm by admin

Chris Heaton-Harris, who was in charge of preparations for leaving in March without an EU divorce deal in place, insisted government, business and the public are ready and Britain will “thrive”. The former Brexit minister said no-deal was wrongly “demonised” and some opponents were becoming “quite hysterical”. Mr Heaton-Harris, who quit in April in protest over Theresa May’s decision to delay the UK’s departure from the bloc, hit out at “negative” coverage of the option as the BBC aired a Panorama documentary on Britain’s readiness for no-deal.

“We are ready and we will be ready,” he said.

“There is a general narrative out there to make people panic and worry about no deal and it is based on fibs.”

Mr Heaton-Harris, who backs Boris Johnson in the Tory leadership race, said Brexit was not a surprise to businesses or the public.

“Things are going to change, leaving the EU is a big change, but the government is operationally ready for it, businesses pretty much understand what they need to do, and the public is very savvy and knows what it needs to do,” he said.

“As long as we all take the action we need to we will thrive.

“We should be confident about our country’s prospects.”

The Conservative MP dismissed “scare stories” about food and medicine shortages and grounded planes.

He said the European Commission had issued a memo that set out plans to keep aviation and haulage systems the same regardless of whether a deal has been struck for at least a year.

“Without us negotiating anything, the European Commission said all these things, financial services, aviation, haulage and a whole host of others, would continue in a no-deal scenario,” he added.

The government made assessments about the strains that could be caused to haulage based on a worst case scenario of just two border checkpoints but there are now more than a dozen in place in Calais, he said.

He said there had been huge infrastructure investment at the port and the French have said they will guarantee flow.

“If flow is guaranteed that means you don’t get a back-up of lorries in Kent and that means lorries can go and pick up food and medicines and just in time products and all that works,” he said.

“Short of there being strikes by French customs officers and bad weather in the Channel, which could happen now, pre-Brexit, there are not going to be issues with flow.”

Mr Heaton-Harris said he was he was “really confident” in government plans to guarantee medical supplies and said more high risk short life drugs were being brought in by air freight.

It comes as the BBC documentary featured an interview with the former permanent secretary at the Department for Exiting the European Union, Philip Rycroft, who said a no-deal Brexit is something the public should be “worried” about.

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