'End kangaroo courts' says accused MP's wife

Posted on Nov 13 2017 - 2:51am by admin

Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke, 46, denies any criminal wrong-doing and says the party removed the whip without telling him what “serious allegations” it says have been referred to police.

Yesterday mother-of-two Natalie Elphicke, also 46, said the media was told of the suspension before her husband heard from Chief Whip Julian Smith, who then refused to tell the MP what he was accused of.

To suspend the whip before an inquiry could never be right and “put at risk the rule of law itself and the chance for a person to have a fair hearing”, she said.

Mrs Elphicke said she could not “begin to describe the hurt and strain, the confusion and the fear for me and my family”.

Referring to a leaked list identifying alleged misconduct by Tory MPs, Mrs Elphicke said many politicians now stood accused “by spreadsheet and social media”.

She did not believe the Prime Minister would have supported the kind of treatment meted out to her husband.

“I ask Theresa May to show us her compassion and her commitment to the principles of justice and our British way of life,” she said.

The PM must “stop this desperate madness, put an end to these kangaroo courts by political central offices and support the creation of a truly independent and non-political arbitrator”, she added.

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