‘Empire’ Recap: Lucious Vows To Be A New Man & Anika Makes A Bold Move

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Lucious Lyon is not the man he was. On the Oct. 18 episode of ‘Empire,’ Lucious began to feel old memories coming back, and Anika decides to take a stand against the Lyons.

Lucious is serious about finding out everything regarding Cookie’s past. She starts to tell him about her time her prison. It wasn’t easy for her. She remembers the one time Lucious came to visit her. Even though he was only concerned about her, she begged him to focus on the future and what they built. Lucious begins to remember bits and pieces of his life, including how he brought Jamal to prison. Lucious never came to see Cookie again. Cookie admits that it hurt her “to the core.” Lucious feels incredibly guilty about it now. He swears he’s going to be a better man.

Diana, Angelo, and Warren go to dinner to discuss the latest in their takedown of the Lyons. Angelo brings up the idea that Jamal might be playing Warren, but he’s just trying to stir up drama because he can’t get himself together. “When I sleep with a Lyon, I get the goods,” Warren snaps. Burn.

Cookie brings Lucious to Empire. He listens to Hakeem’s new song. While he isn’t head over heels like the old Lucious would have been, Lucious sees how much energy and passion Hakeem puts into his music. In his own way, Lucious inspires Cookie to bring all Empire artists in to audition for the #1 album spot. She wants all the artists to fight for what they want. Cookie, Lucious, Becky, and Porsha all judge the talent that comes in. As the day goes on, Lucious begins to feel like Cookie is being “needlessly cruel” to some of the talent, mainly Tory Ash. Cookie tells Lucious that she’s only being him.

Tory and Jamal are working on a new song. Jamal admits to her that he wants to find his own version of Cookie and Lucious. He doesn’t want to settle for a mediocre love. Oh, boy. Jamal, stay away from Warren!

Angelo confronts Anika on the street. He wants to make a deal with her. Don’t do it, Anika! You know she is going to team up with Angelo. She’s still got some major beef with Lucious. When she shows up at Empire, Andre comes after her. Everyone’s talking about Bella’s birthday, but everyone forgets that it’s the same day that Rhonda died. Andre is still not over Anika’s part in Rhonda’s death, and he never will be. It sucks that the Lyons always forget about Andre.

Tory comes back to the audition. Jamal joins her onstage and kicks her off the song! Warren joins him on the duet he’d been working on with Tory. They’re gooooooood. This is going to end so badly for everyone. Ugh.

The family, minus Lucious, celebrate at Bella’s Prince-themed birthday party. As Cookie says, “North West ain’t got nothing on Bella Lyon.” Lucious doesn’t go because he feels the old Lucious trying to come back. He doesn’t want to be that man anymore. Andre’s FBI boo shows up at the birthday party. These two just can’t resist each other, but I love it!

After being ignored by the Lyons, Anika comes back to the party with Angelo by her side. He’s Anika’s new attorney! She’s suing for full custody of baby Bella!

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