‘Empire’ Recap: Cookie & Lucious Bond Again & Andre Turns Up The Heat

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The Lyon family better watch out, Diana is coming for them. The Oct. 11 episode of ‘Empire’ featured Cookie and Lucious growing closer, Anika staking her claim, and more!

Lucious and the rest of the Lyon family are finally getting back to normal. He wants the family to stop tip-toeing around him. He wants to know why Leah called him a monster and why Cookie was gone for 17 years. Now that’s a complicated story, Lucious. Cookie’s come a long way since then. She’s been named one of Forbes’s 100 Most Powerful Women in Business. Guess who else made that list? DIANA!

Diana is still maintaining her hatred for the Lyon family. She’s ready to take them down one by one. She compares the boys to Wizard of Oz characters, and the similarities are pretty spot on. Andre is the Scarecrow; his brain is his most prized possession. Jamal is the Tin Man; he’s all heart. Hakeem is the Cowardly Lion. Diana says she’ll deal with him. Pray for Hakeem, y’all.

You know who has fallen from grace? Angelo. Cookie and Diana tore him up. He’s a drunk now. Diana tells him to get a grip and find his role in this takedown. Man, she’ll take him down too if he’s not careful.

Cookie prepares to take out $ 100 million dollar loan for Empire. She’s a little hesitant, but Andre promises her that everything will work out. She’s preoccupied with planning Empire’s 20 for 20. Cookie has to break it to Shine that he’s only getting one album.After some negotiation, Cookie agrees to give him 5 albums.

Jamal and Thirsty sneak Lucious into Empire and take him into the studio. “I don’t connect to any of this,” Lucious admits. Shine shows up and Lucious begins to have flashes of memories he’d rather forget. Jamal finally tells Lucious the trash can story. Lucious is appalled by his behavior.

Thirsty goes to Andre and lets him know that he can’t find Giuliana. They need someone to corroborate Andre’s story. He confronts Pamela, the NYPD gal. He thinks she’s pushing the Feds to keep interrogating him about Giuliana when they should be looking for her. Pamela knows Andre’s lying about something. She just can’t put her finger on it.

Cookie is told by the banker that she can’t have the $ 100 million loan, and she is NOT happy about it. You know who’s behind that? Diana, once again! Cookie puts on a brave face and goes to the Forbes photo shoot. She crosses paths with Diana, and the tension is so damn real. Cookie’s not obsessing over Diana, though. She’s worried about the loan situation. She reveals to the rest of the ladies what’s going on, and one of the women offers $ 10 million. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Diana tries to act like she’s cool with Cookie, but you know she’ll breathing fire by the time she gets home.

Andre walks into his office and finds Pamela waiting for him. In order to avoid getting arrested, Andre doesn’t want to talk to Pamela about the case without his attorney present. I’m not sure what Pam’s deal is. She’s like flirting with Andre. She could get fired for this. Is this all a part of her plan to take him down?! Later, Andre discovers Pamela watching him from across the street. Things take a sexy and strange turn when they start stripping for each other.

Fresh out of prison, Anika shows up at Hakeem’s place wanting to see Bella. Hakeem’s being a little too overprotective with Bella. Anika is her mother! Hakeem rubs salt in Anika’s wound and says Bella doesn’t remember her. Anika warns Hakeem that he better not forget.

Warren does Diana’s bidding and tries to get into Jamal’s heart. He plays the sad, neglected boyfriend with Jamal, and it works like a charm. Like the adorable, gullible puppy that he is, Jamal opens up about Lucious’s condition. This is exactly what Warren wants.

Cookie comes home and find Lucious painting. He’s turning to a very different kind of art now. It’s kind of beautiful and a little sad. Lucious is Empire. He always has been, always will be. Cookie finally confesses that she went to prison for 17 years. Lucious doesn’t judge Cookie at all. He just wants to know everything. Well, he better sit down for that conversation!

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