Emmerdale star Danny Miller has Twitter in hysterics with cool reaction to soap’s NTA win

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 1:20am by admin

Danny Miller kept his cool when Emmerdale won a National Television AwardDanny Miller kept his cool when Emmerdale won a National Television Award [ITV/Twitter]

Emmerdale actor Danny Miller opted to keep things cool rather than react like the rest of his co-stars. 

Julie Walters announced that Emmerdale had been crowned the Best Serial Drama at the NTAs. 

And as the ITV stars jumped up to celebrate, the handsome Danny sat back and decided to give the camera a cheeky wink instead. 

ITV mocked the Emmerdale actor for his reaction, Danny MillerITV mocked the Emmerdale actor for his reaction [ITV/Twitter]

Picking up on his cool as a cucumber reaction, ITV added a pair of sunglasses to his face following the popular Thug Life meme.

“You might be cool, but are you ‘Danny Miller after @Emmerdale Wins at the NTAs’ cool?” the channel tweeted. 

“That was so funny when @DannyBMiller did that, pure cheese but so well deserved….well done Emmerdale,” one fan tweeted.

Danny Miller dropped a hint about who would be RobRon's best man in massive Emmerdale spoiler hintDanny Miller was delighted Emmerdale won the award [Getty]

Another responded: “Tbh Danny I just thought you hadn’t heard who won at first! Then I realised you were doing your cool-guy reaction.”

“Always the coolest,” said another, while someone else added: “No one is as cool as you.”

Danny, who plays Aaron Dingle in the ITV soap, recently revealed some big details about his upcoming storylines. 

Emmerdale teases big return of Aaron Dingle’s sister Liv Flaherty and mum Chas as his future with Robert Sugden lays in doubtDanny Miller also hinted about what’s to come for his character [ITV]

Speaking exclusively to OK! Online at the NTAs, he teased details of Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s much anticipated reunion.

“There’s a big reunion with a certain someone at the end of February. I can’t say much more though.” 

Further detailing Robron’s second wedding – which is expected to occur in Spring – he added: “I want it to happen eventually. But I’m enjoying being teased as a fan and giving a little bit and then reeling it back in, so you’ll just have to wait.” 

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