Emily Andrea praises Paddy McGuiness as he opens up about raising children with autism and marriage struggles

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 8:19pm by admin

Emily Andrea's name was written as Emily Andre when she appeared on LorraineEmily Andrea has praised Paddy McGuiness for speaking about his marriage and parenthood [ITV]

Emily Andrea has praised Paddy McGuiness for speaking so candidly about how raising children with autism has affected his marriage. 

The Take Me Out host recently confessed that “it’s a wonder” he is still with wife Christine because they struggle to find time for each other alongside raising twins, Penelope and Leo, who have autism. 

Speaking about her admiration for Paddy, Peter Andre’s wife exclusively wrote in her OK! Magazine column: “Paddy McGuiness has opened up about the difficulties of raising children with autism and said ‘it’s a wonder’ he and wife Christine are still together, because they can’t do the normal things you would do as a couple. 

Paddy McGuiness has left his family house to give his wife Christine McGuiness 'time to think'Paddy McGuiness recently opened up about how his children affected his marriage to wife Chistine [Instagram / Paddy McGuiness]

“Trying to find time for each other must be so hard but the fact they’re very open about how difficult it is makes it very reassuring and relatable for other parents. 

“I can definitely say that I’ve been through tough times when mine were newborns, but I always felt that a lot of times you don’t hear about how other people struggle too, and it can make you feel a bit alone.” 

She continued: “It’s great for all parents of autistic children that Paddy is speaking out”. 

Christine McGuinnessThe pair have three children together [Instagram/Christine McGuinness]

The couple also share one year old daughter Felicity together. 

Last year they were left shocked after discovering the twins suffer from autism, but they recently revealed Felicity is also showing signs – though she is too young to be formally diagnosed.

Speaking to OK! Magazine about life with his three children, Paddy said: “Every day we are learning how to cope better. We’re excited for the future. 

emily macdonaghEmily opened up about the stresses of raising her own children [Instagram]

Paddy McGuinness diagnosis: The dad of three has had steroid injectionsPaddy McGuiness woke up about life with two autistic children [OK! Magazine]

“There are days when it’s horrendous and there are other days when it’s mega fantastic.”

Christine added: “Even on the really difficult days, it’s easier than it used to be.”

Revealing he wants his children to be independent, Paddy added: “It’s hard but we just get on with it, because they’re our kids regardless.

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