Emeka Ike Would Take His Ex-Wife Back For This Reason

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Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike whose 14 12 months old marriage was once dissolved prior this yr, as a result of alleged home violence, says he might still take his ex-wife back if she confessed and acquired herself back collectively.

i am not prepared to speak About My Dissolved Marriage – Emeka Ike

read his interview with forefront under:

You took an extended smash from appearing, what took place?

i tried to restructure the man, Emeka Ike. Emeka Ike is a pacesetter and as a pacesetter, you wish to appraise and reappraise your empire and achievements. So, i have been appraising my constituency and i’m happy that we’re transferring ahead. At some degree, you relocated to Abuja from Lagos. What in truth triggered your determination to move to Abuja? I felt that my life was seriously threatened in Lagos. i have said it before that i’m going to arrest some people very quickly. in truth, some individuals took good thing about the AGN quandary to threaten my existence and all a good way to be sorted out very soon through the police. I relocated to Abuja to keep away from a scenario the place i’d be strolling on the streets of Lagos and a legal would gun me down. I used my discretion to remain away whereas I watched from afar what used to be happening in Lagos. That was why that woman (his ex wife) is no longer residing with me. God is aware of i am not a spouse beater. I didn’t touch her and my youngsters testified to that in court docket. I don’t understand what came over her and who used her to blackmail me. however all so one can be unravelled soon.

Are you saying that you simply never raised your arms on your ex wife?

have you ever watched that one movie, where the wife used to be saying “the whole thing is very well between me and my husband. He takes care of me and gives all my desires”. That was the situation between my spouse and i. If I didn’t recognize i would have blamed her unexpected trade of character on my enemies. i like her a lot. Why would she blackmail me with the aid of claiming that I was always beating her up when I didn’t. To steer clear of the nerve-racking mess, I needed to abandon my companies and house in Lagos and discover a new lifestyles in Abuja. Does it imply you weren’t ready for the divorce? I wasn’t. I don’t even consider we’re divorced and that i can’t remarry once more. i am a real Christian and Christians don’t divorce. I informed the court that I’m now not divorcing my spouse but they went ahead and got an injunction in opposition to a high courtroom order.

Why was she seeking to stroll out of her marriage?Who was once advising her to divorce me? i have to see to the top of this matter as a result of they have put my youngsters available in the market without a mother. She’s in pain at any place she is at the moment because i do know they’re dealing with her. I learnt that she was once overwhelmed black and blue by one wife snatcher someday in the past, beside Mobil Petrol Station on Lagos-Ibadan freeway. my very own wife crushed up like a common prison!

I want to be aware of what has long gone unsuitable with my wife, I want to recognize the satan that’s at the back of this. what is the extent of blackmail that brought her to this degrading degree? The Inspector normal of Police will likely be investigating into the matter very quickly. whereas doing this, i’ve to keep away from Lagos as a result of they may be after me.

You accused Pastor Chris Okotie of household of God Church global Ministries of being the brain behind your marital concern. How did he come into the image?

the fellow who’s complicated my wife attends his church. He’s one of the crucial elders of the church. It’s a church association. When there is problem within the domestic, a true man of God should invite each husband and wife with the purpose of resolving their differences but Chris Okotie refused to pick my calls. each time I called him on the phone, he frequently refrained from my calls. As a person of God, he used to be supposed to use his place to avoid wasting our marriage. I didn’t chase my spouse out of my house, i wanted Chris Okotie to endorse her to come to her husband but he refused to select my calls.

He didn’t trouble to seek out out what went improper between us. whereas i am nonetheless alive, my wife was once anxious that I should ‘will’ part of my property to her. She shut down a school I spent thousands and thousands of naira to ascertain. Who was telling her to make the sort of demand? the place is she taking the property to? What happens to our youngsters who will inherit my property? She was once insisting on getting her own share of my property. At that point, I needed to leave Lagos for Abuja because some people had been strongly at the back of her and my lifestyles was once no longer safe. but I’m coming again to Lagos quickly.

My house and property are nonetheless in Lagos. Nothing is hidden below the earth that can’t be unearthed someday. She blackmailed me for what i’m not. you will really feel sorry for a person whose wife used to be blackmailed to blackmail the complete domestic.

regardless of the ache she has caused you, you still declare your undying love for her?

“Love never dies. real love doesn’t die, fail to remember what we are talking about. The Bible says that “love covers multitude of sin.” She’s the mum of my youngsters. She used to be no person after I met her, she by no means knew her father. I constructed a house for her household in Lagos and also in Isoko. I educated her up to the grasp’s stage stage. I gave her the publicity she needed in lifestyles. there are millions of beautiful ladies who would wish to marry me the primary week we obtained divorced. however i’m a gentleman, it’s not about marriage for me now, it’s about doing the proper thing. what’s flawed with my girl? If it’s something we are able to redeem her from, we will still redeem her. forget about marrying her again. I don’t need to marry again, however I wish to know what was improper with my spouse. I want to recognize why she began blackmailing me.

can you welcome her back into your life if she returns to you?

Accepting her again will not be the problem, however let her confess and get herself again. I imagine she’s under the influence of one thing. How did you’re feeling staring at her walk out of her marriage ? It’s probably the most painful a part of my life. I cried for twenty-four hours each day for 3 to four years. I was simply asking myself what’s taking place to me. you already know, in blackmail, you’ll now not understand what is going on as a result of somebody is taking part in the game. It used to be a lot later that I knew what used to be taking place to me. I wish to comprehend the power of those blackmailers as a result of we now have legislation on this u . s . a .. And with the law, we can have a look at the issues professional-actively. Are your children missing their mom? they are not as a result of they feel disenchanted in her. She was once their heroine. Her son was begging her, announcing “mummy please come back because of me.” but she spoke back him; “i am going to marry some other man and have other children.” If you could say that to your first son, it’s either you have got a mental drawback or you aren’t okay spiritually. She even stated to the choose that she wanted to have other children after having 4 youngsters. what is improper along with her? Her case beats my imagination. i have been blackmailed, undermined and i have been overwhelmed. She closed down my college on the day I travelled, an investment that a pupil at St Nicholas used to be paying N385, 000, per session as faculty fees amounting to N880,000 every year. She went to the landlord and asked him to come back and reclaim his property. who is in the back of all these things? You can’t be unfair to me and get away with it, not when I’m still alive and searching for justice. I met her on the street and i saved her from the street. She told me she’s from a terrible residence and that she never met her father. I promised her that i’d be her father and her lover. I gave her too much opportunity to swallow me.


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