Emeka Ike: All you need to know about the actor's messy divorce

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Emeka Ike has been in the news lately not for any new movie but because of the messy divorce scandal rocking his marriage.

In 2015 the actor’s wife, Suzanne Emma filed for a divorce on the allegation of domestic violence leading to the end of their marriage. Emeka Ike had earlier denied the divorce rumours.

Emeka Ike and his wifeplay

Emeka Ike and his wife

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Fast forward to March 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court finally dissolved the marriage. The panel dissolved the marriage in a judgment following a petition filed by Suzanne.

“From all evidence before the court, the marriage between the couple had broken down, and it is irreconcilable, consequently, the marriage is hereby dissolved,” said the court.

The court then proceeded to grant Emeka the custody of their four children but ordered that Suzanne should be granted unhindered access to them.

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Emeka Ike is yet to sign the divorce documents as he says he wants to clear his name which his estranged wife is already tarnishing. The actor while granting an interview with Punch, made some shocking revelation about his wife’s antecedence while they were married.

“She has tried to use the press against me by saying that I am a wife beater but I have never touched her in my life. Her best TV station is the criminal investigation channel; she stays up till 4 am to watch the channel for over five years.

“She watched the programmes about women who killed their husbands, children, relatives. How would you wake up at 4 am and not see your wife on the bed only to go downstairs and see her watching that station as if she is taking notes. I had to ask her if she wanted to kill somebody,” he said.


This may not be the end to the drama and scandal surrounding the divorce of this beautiful couple. Trust Pulse to keep you up to date on the latest development.

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