Elizabeth Smart Blasts Decision To Release ‘Evil’ Kidnapper: She ‘Watched While I Was Raped’

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 3:09am by admin

As Wanda Barzee gets set to be released from prison, Elizabeth Smart has blasted the move to free the woman who helped kidnapped her, saying Wanda’s still a ‘danger’ to everyone!

After serving more than 15 years in prison, Wanda Barzee, 72, will be released on Sep. 19. The woman who helped her husband, Brian David Mitchell, kidnap and sexually assault a teenage Elizabeth Smart, 30, over a nine-month period in 2002, will taste freedom again, and that has left Elizabeth feeling sick to her stomach. “It’s been a rollercoaster. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotion, of worry, of wondering what’s going to happen,” Elizabeth told Gayle King on CBS This Morning. “But am I concerned? Yeah, I am very concerned – for the community, for the public, as much as I am for myself.”

“When he kidnapped me and was taking me up into the mountains, I remember thinking, ‘This is it,’ he’s just going to rape and kill me,” she said. “And then at one point he did end up telling me that he had a wife that was waiting. … That moment did give me a little bit of comfort. … But as soon as I saw her, I did not have that hope anymore. … I don’t know, just the feeling that kind of radiated from her. It just was dark. And it was evil. And I just knew that she — she wasn’t there to help me, that she wasn’t there to protect me.”

“While he was raping me. I mean, she was right there. So, I mean, she — there were no secrets. She knew what was going on. And, I mean, she just was the kind of woman that — she was just evil and twisted,” Elizabeth said, before remembering how during her capture, Briand David and Wanda forced a 14-year-old Elizabeth to drink enough alcohol to make her pass out. “I ended up throwing up and then passing out in it. And both of them just let me lie there all night. And when I woke up the next morning, I mean, my face and my hair were completely crusted to the ground. And they both laughed. She laughed. She laughed just as much as he did, if not more.”

Nine months after Elizabeth was abducted by the couple, she was found walking down a street of Sandy, Utah. The tow were arrested and tried. Brian David was sentenced to live in prison in 2011. Two years prior, Wanda pleaded guilty to federal charges over her role in the kidnapping, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. After completing a 15 year federal sentence at a Texas prison in 2016, she was returned to Utah to start a state sentence of 1-to-16 years. However, she was supposed to serve both the federal and state sentences simultaneously. Utah officials discovered the error and set Wanda for release.

“I do believe she’s still a danger,” Elizabeth said. ”Through my sources, I’ve heard that she’s still carrying around this ‘book of revelations’ that Brian Mitchell wrote… that said he should kidnap me, and not just kidnap me but six other young girls, and that we’d all be his wives… clearly, she hasn’t let it go.” Despite this distrust of Wanda, Elizabeth has been informed of the federal agent tasked of supervising Wanda. “And I do believe that he will do the job to the best of his ability. I have faith in him. I just lack faith in her.”

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