eLDee: Hip-Hop legend thinks we are all guilty just like slave traders in Libya

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 11:26am by admin

eLDee is of the opinion that anyone who has a maid in his or her service is as guilty as those selling off immigrants in Libya.

It is no longer news that there is a thriving slave trade business in Libya and just like other celebrities, eLDee has come out to air his own views on the issue.

The veteran rapper took to his Twitter page on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, where he gave a break down on how everyone who has ever paid for a maid is as guilty as the slave trader in Libya.

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In one of his tweets, he made it clear to us as a people not making a statement when it is convenient for us.


“Lets not only kick against slavery when it is convenient. If you really want to take a stand, Let go of the unfortunate teenager that is slaving away in your quarters right now. You are not very different from the Libyan who paid for slaves to do his chores. #slavery,” he tweeted.

You can read his other tweets below;

After having a stellar career in music, eLDee launched Play Data in 2015. Play Data measures radio air play across Nigeria and charts music by the total number of plays each week.

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