E-Money: Music mogul flaunts wealth on Instagram

Posted on Mar 18 2018 - 2:19am by admin

E-Money has joined the list of celebrities who have been showing off their wealth on Instagram lately.

The music mogul took his Instagram page on Friday, March 16, 2018, where he posted photos of one of his numerous exotic cars and he sure looked dapper in his well-tailored agbada.

E-Money went on to caption the photos with a quote which had to do with him not believing in failure and not giving up as it isn’t an option.


“We do not think Failure… We can’t think failure… We don’t think failure… We can’t comprehend failure… We have a mindset… Failure is not an option… it doesn’t work with Our system….#it is too late to fail Amen #we are too loaded to be empty Amen.. Have a blessed week ahead..” he wrote.





Guys as you must have noticed, it has become one day, one celebrity showing off their wealth, from cars to houses and even trip on expensive yachts.

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Less than 24 hours ago we got to see Phyno show off his wealth as he released a photo of his Rolls Royce Phantom which is estimated to cost 403,000 pounds which in naira is about N204M!





We can also take your minds back to a couple of days ago when music star, Wizkid flaunted his wealth on Instagram with photos that would get you tripping about how these guys get to enjoy their wealth.

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